Large Picture Windows, Advantages and Disadvantages


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Premium Quality

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Great Prices, Fair for All

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How They Open

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All Custom

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Large Picture Windows, Advantages and Disadvantages

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What Is a Picture Window. 

A picture window is usually a large window. They provide an unobstructed view and look like a picture from afar. The scenery behind the glass being the art. They are precisely named after this. Without grids and other dividers. High-end glazing is needed for these.

Do to the lack of any grids and hinges and handles, the frame of the window acts as a frame of a picture. Picture windows are the cheapest type of windows but the are very effective and useful nonetheless. They let in sunlight and display what is outside very nicely. They come with different amounts of panes. Single pane windows are the least energy efficiency, have no sound protection, and a very low satisfaction rate. Dual pane windows are much better. However there is better. Triple pane windows have the most optimal energy efficiency and soundproofing to price ratio. They have the best price to performance ratio.

The Many Benefits of Large Windows :

 There are many benefits of large windows. But, because large windows are a large investment cost, you need to understand their many great benefits. They are great for living, dining, and bedrooms. They are affordable luxury because of their amazing benefits.

They let in lots of sunlight making the room feel bigger and more comfortable. This it its main advantage. This property is very useful and appreciated as it makes everything better. They also makes your house look a lot better from the outside. Large European windows are the great options.

They increase the value of your property. Large windows can add thousands of dollars in value to your home more than they will cost you. Their large size makes them look expensive.

They are (most commonly) cheaper than other types of windows. However, it all comes down to the quality. A very poor-quality small picture window will obviously cost less then any other window. But similar could be said for the other way.

Large high-class quadruple pane windows with acryl-color frames would cost much more than small plastic glazed windows. So, are picture windows cheaper than double hung? Yes, but it depends on the quality of each product.

Increase the value of your property. Large picture windows can add thousands of dollars in value to your home mre than they will cost you.

How to Save on Large Picture Windows – the Right Way

The cost of any window comes from the cost of the frame and the glass unit. With the glass unit, there are several tips to know to easily save your self a buck. One of these is to consider the thickness of the glass. As windows get bigger, the glass thickness also needs to increase. With the increase in glass thickness, the glass unit becomes more expensive. With 4mm glass panes, you can go up to 20 sq ft and get the lowest price per sq ft of glass. In the 20 – 28 sq ft of glass unit range, the windows need thicker glass panes, resulting in about a 10% price increase. For the same reason, you can aspect to see another 10% increase when moving to from the 20 – 28 sq ft range to the 28 – 35 one. Then, another 10% increase if going up to the 35 – 42 sq ft range from the previous. After this point, you will need to have tempered glazing. However, this 20 – 30% cost increase for the glass unit is not only going to allow you to have larger windows. It is also safer because in case of an accident, it would not shatter into big, sharp pieces, instead, it would shatter into many many small pieces. This kind of glazing is also required for all windows (no matter the size) in some places in North America with earthquakes and hurricanes. If you live in a big tornado region, you might be required to have laminated glazing. This kind of glazing has properties similar to that of a car windshield. If hit hard, it would not completely shatter the glass. Instead, it would hold the broken pieces on a thin film that is embedded inside the glass unit. This laminated glazing option will be with about the same price increase as tempered glass (20 – 30%).

As such, if your desired glass unit size is for example, 29 sq ft, it might be best to go down to a 28 to save 10% and loose just 1 sq ft of glass. A similar trick can be done about an initial 45 sq ft glass unit by lowering the size to a 42 sq ft one and as such avoiding the need of tempered glazing. Unless your region requires you to have tempered glazing anyways, this move can save you 20 – 30% on the cost of the glass unit. 

One other key aspect with large windows is soundproofing. No matter where you live, you will have some kind of noise outside your house. Depending on where you live, this can range from light traffic to loud construction noises. In any case, everyone benefits from soundproofing. Without it, you just get a bad experience. However, one project might need strong sound protection while the other not so much. If living in a calm place, you can get away with a low soundproofing level which will also be optimal in cost. For a very low cost, you can go from nothing to noticeable soundproofing. At the end of the day, for about $20 per large window, or one room’s worth, you can get a noticeable improvement in soundproofing. As such, more comfort.

In Combination with Other Windows

Large picture windows can be used in combination with most other window types to diversities the space and make the window space utilized be more optimal and functional. The best example of this is a combo of a tilt and turn window and a fixed window. This option provides you the best of both worlds. It gives the high functionality of the tilt turn as well as provides you with a great viewing experience.

They display the outdoors from the inside. Picture windows are made to act as a picture. This is done by designing the frame of the window to house the sentry from the outside. So, from a dozen feet (couple meters) back, the window looks like a picture. Openable large windows can also look like a picture if no grids are used on the windows and it does not have net. Generally if you want to make any window have a more unobstructed view, you can order windows without grids, Mullins, or Muntins.

Are (most commonly) cheaper than other types of windows. Yes, this is true. However, it all comes down to the quality. A very poor quality small picture window will obviously cost less then any other window. But similar could be said for the other way.

Our large windows have an optimal ratio of price to performance. Our picture and big tilt and turn windows have the best price for quality/performance ratio. On the same way the vinyl (upvc) windows is the optimal solution.

Overheating and glare are at a manageable level. Glare can be managed by covering the window with blinds or curtains after the sun goes down. Overheating is not a big issue with picture windows due to the advanced German technology we use.

Completely Customizable

Our windows can completely customizable. They can be tinted in Arctic Blue, Amber, Bronze, Green, Silver, etc. Tinting windows is not usually recommended but if you desire, the option is there. They are also all custom windows sized. Large picture windows  can be up to 12’ long or 12’ in height. This is a great way you can customize your house and make it unique. A single frame can be up to 70 square feet. This possibility always you to have very big windows in your house. As for the reflection, they can be ordered with a reflection-out up to 47% (like-mirror reflection). This is a good option for complete privacy. The frames can be ordered in any of our 60+ colors. This includes 20+ wood grain options.

Can be used in combination with most other window types to diversities the space and make the window space utilized be more optimal and functional.

They can be used as a storefront window. Yes, this is very much an option you can do. Large picture or tilt turn windows may be optimal for this.

Effective Sound Blocking

Our windows can be ordered with effective sound blocking. It comes in multiple levels that can be customized to target specific sound. This is our soundproofing service. We can customize the soundproofing for you windows to help your house are better protected from disturbing external noises you hear. This also includes customization for projects in city centers, near highways, airports, etc.

GL Advanced windows can be ordered with regular see-through glass and have sun protection that comes in different levels with solar heat gain coefficient of as low as 0.13. This is a big plus. It means that you can have a lower solar heat gain coefficient without tinting your windows.

Our picture windows can have a U factor of a low as 0.12, great energy efficiency. This high level of energy efficiency (R-value 8.5) can save you lots of money on energy bills. It is another great benefit of large windows.

Overheating and glare are at a manageable level. Glare can be managed by covering the window with blinds or curtains after the sun goes down. Overheating is not a big issue with picture windows due to the advanced German technology we use.

Disadvantages of Large Picture Window

– They can’t allow you to ventilate the space. Yes, they windows can open. This means that you can’t ventilate the space through these windows.

– Birds may crash into the picture windows from time to time. This can be a big problem. Why does this happen? Birds are dumb. As such, they do not realize that your window has glass. They think that it is just a whole you left open because you were evening birds for lunch. Well, it assent the case (most likely). So, how to keep birds from hitting picture window? To fix this issue, you can use tempera paint, stickers, screens, netting, ABC Bird Savers, Obey-way transparent films, or Acadian Bird savers. Basically just something to let the birds know that there is something in the whole and thus discourages birds from trying to enter.

Birds may crash into the picture windows from time to time. This can be a big problem. Why does this happen? Birds are dumb. As such, they do not realize that your window has glass.

– They can only be cleaned from the outside. Because picture windows can’t open, they have to be cleaned from the outside.

Lots of Heat from the Sun

– Lots of heat from the sun enters through the windows. This may cause potential overheating.

– High glare. This is when the window reflects the interior after the sun goes down. This is not comfortable but can easily be fixed by using blinds or curtains.

– No fire escape rough through the window. Because the window can’t open, the window can not act as a safe fire escape exit.

– If no protective technology is used such as safety glazing, large picture windows can become a hazard if they break. This is a problem, but if you have safety glass, this is not much of an issue as broken glass will stick to the thin plastic film and not let the glass unit shatter completely.

Picture windows are the cheapest type of windows but the are very effective and useful nonetheless. They let in sunlight and display what is outside very nicely.

How to put Pictures on Glass Window  

For this, you can use stickers or paint. Stickers are cheap and can easily forkful their propose. Paint is more expensive but it stays on well and looks very good.

If you plan to paint, it is important to prepare the glass before painting. For this, you would need to clean the window first with a cleaning solution. Then, you should use 90-95% rubbing alcohol or acetone to completely get rid of any oil traces left on the surface. Then, it recommended that you use Acrylic paint made for windows. Regular acrylic paint would work, but, it would not stay on as well as the paint made specifically for glass.

Large Picture Windows for Sale   

There are 3 main situations when windows go on sale:

1)      Windows go on sale to sell out overstock windows faster. This is a common technique used by large companies to encourage more and faster sales. These types of windows are not usually made from good quality materials and are very hard to find in the size you want them to be. Clearance or on sale windows may be a good option for small windows in you garage, but we do not recommend that you invest in low-quality large picture windows. Large windows should be made from high quality materials and provide maximum comfort and functionality.  

2)      Sell cheap windows fast without concern for quality of the materials and situation optimization.

But buying low quality large picture windows can be a huge mistake.

3)      Classic Chinese marketing. This is when companies raise the price of their products, largely acceding their normal price and then putting them up on a “huge” sale. This is not a very nice move but if unnoticed can influence the customer to buy the windows in hopes of “saving them money”.We want to provide our customers with cheaper windows, but we do not want them to receive low-quality products. As such we strive to produce premium quality windows for a price that won’t upset most customers. 

How to Remove a Large Picture Window

Removing large picture windows can be danger. If you are planning on removing large fixed windows, it is very important that you operate under proper safety priorities. Large fixed windows are heavy and if they fall or break, they can be a huge hazard for everyone. Older windows will probably also not have tempered glazing. This means that if these annealed fall and break, the pieces it will break into will be big and very sharp. This is especially dangerous if they fall from the second story or higher. Tempered and modern glass units are much better in this regard as tempered glass will shatter into many marble sized pieces and modern windows have a thin plastic film. So, incase the glass shattered in these, the glass shards will stick to the film. The result will be similar to a broken windshield. Still dangerous but not deadly.

Removing large picture windows can be danger. If you are planning on removing large fixed windows, it is very important that you operate under proper safety priorities.

The Safety Priorities

However, no matter the type of glass used, you should still follow all the safety priorities.

– Wear steel toe shoes and protective clothing. To protect your body from a potential injury.

– Prepare the area around the site in case of an accident. Make sure that the surrounding area is ready for impact in case of an accident.

– Clear the area around the site of any children or bypasses. Have someone manage the removal proses to make sure that no one unprotected is in the surrounding area

– Use suction-cup handles for safely moving around and transporting the glass unit. These tools help you have a better handle on the windows for transport. We recommend using 2 – 4 handles per window.

– Check your insurance to make sure that you are eligible for this activity and make sure that it can cover any potential medical expenses.

We hope that the posses go through without any problems but we do surest that you are prepared for any accident that might occur.

Blinds or Curtains for Large Picture Window

Blinds and curtains are a great addition to large picture windows. They provide lots of privacy and give you more control over how much light you want to let in. However, they have 2 main limitations.

The first is the size limitation. This only applies to blinds as curtains can be bought of almost any size for almost any size of window. Most roller blinds and horizontal blinds have a size limit of up to 7’ wide and 7’ tall. This might be plenty for most windows, but very large picture windows would require bigger. For these, we would recommend vertical blinds as they can be bought to fit on large picture windows up to 16’ wide and 9’ tall. Big enough for almost any size window.

The second is a lack of full black out. Blinds and curtains can provide lots of shade and significantly dim the room, but, if you are looking for a complete black out option, blinds or curtains may not always be the best choice. If you want ideas on how to black out your whole room of light, we would suggest black out window stickers, special black out blinds (however these might not be big enough for some sizes of windows), or special close to black out curtains/drapes.

Shutters for Large Picture Window

Shutters may not always be necessary, but, if you are considering the option, they might be what you need. However, shutters that can be used on large picture windows are very difficult to find. They would most likely need to be ordered custom sized and thus cost you much more than what it’s worth. If you are concerned about safety, we would recommend choosing thick safety glass unit windows instead of shutters for big picture windows. Safety glass provides the same or higher level of security. Its cleverly constructed design allows you to have more security without comprising on the comfort and aesthetics of the windows. If the window is damaged or hit, instead of shattering, it will hold the broken pieces on a thin but flexible film and makes it impossible to enter through without injury. Because of this smart safety glass, the windows can easily act as protection. Another bonus of these windows is the regular look. This type of glass looks the same as regular tempered or untempered glass but if broken it can scare off criminals due to the unexpected outcome.

Large picture windows price

Large picture windows price depends on the quality, size, and supplier. But the main factor is the kind of glazing. They are the cheapest type of window you can get bet depending on the glass, the cost can vary. Usually large picture windows will have a price of $600 – $2,000.

The glass units used in large picture windows often have 2 panes. However, 2 panes of glass do not perform well. They might be ok for a garage or as small windows but not good enough for a living room, dinning room, kitchen, etc. They have big energy losses when used as large picture windows. They also create an unstable thermal circulation. This is because the 2 panes are not a thick enough barrier for the cold or heat from the outside to not enter. This creases a thermal-convention effect in which the air from inside heats or cools when it comes near and touches the glass. When it is cold outside, the air by the glass cools down. It creates a down flow of cold air which then goes back into the room. If it is hot outside, the air near the glass heats up. Creating an up-flow of warm air which then goes back into the room. It is for these reasons that large picture windows need to be well insulated. 3 pane glazing is a far better alternative. They have much better performance and very often create a much more comfortable environment.

Sun-heat Protection

Large picture windows also need to have sun-heat protection and the highest quality glass large picture windows do not have sun-heat protection, the inside of the room may overheat. This is because the light and sun-heat entering through the glass would cause the inside to overheat. The kind of glazing is also important to the price of large picture windows. Options such as tinted glass and tempered glass will often result in higher prices. But, tempered or laminated glass is not unavoidable. If a large picture window drops during instillation, conventional glass would have it shatter in to big and sharp pieces. It can be very dangerous for everybody, so tempered or laminated glazing is needed.

The price of large picture windows strongly depends on all of these aspects. As the picture windows get larger, the proportion of frame to glass becomes much bigger. This makes the glass be a far more significant part. It effects the performance of the windows as well as of course the price.

Window Treatments for Large Picture Windows

Large picture windows are a very bold and beautiful on their own. If the right windows are chosen, the windows look best open without window treatments such as blinds or curtains. Blinds and curtains are very functional but a constant use of them may indicate compensation for poorly chosen window glazing. They can indicate that you are trying to cover up the windows because they do not look good on their own, which they should. Large picture windows let in lots of natural light, make the room look much bigger, and be overall a lot more inviting, comfortable, and luxurious. Vertical blinds are a great window treatment if you are still looking for a functional treatment without covering up the windows. They are the best of both world, providing you with all the advantages of on display large picture windows while also giving you the privacy and control of the blinds.

What is a Picture Window on a Cruise Ship

A picture window on cruise ship is not the same as a house picture window. Picture windows on a cruise ship are small windows used in suits close to and surrounding the atrium. They provide a view of the space in the middle of the living section (the atrium).

Picture windows have a different meaning for cruise ships. In cruise ships, the suits located closely around the atrium, have picture windows. These windows are located on the fire resistant wall that is facing the inside of the atrium space inside the cruise ship. This atrium space is the space in the middle of the living section of the ship. The space is similar to a mall interior. The picture windows used in cruise ships give a view to the dweller of the atrium. This is of course not as nice as the view of the ocean but these rooms are cheaper. This makes them more affordable and allows customers who like to stay outside their rooms to have cost beneficial suit placement.

Fire Resistant Glazing

The picture windows in these rooms have fire resistant glazing. This is done by incorporation an organic silicone fire-protection gel in-between the glass panes. This gel is transparent as thus allows the window to be see-through. Under heat, like that which could occur in a fire, the gel expands into foam. This silicone foam has fire resistance of up to 2 hours and 2732˚F (1500˚C). This is a very expensive gel, costing the fire resistant windows with this gel over $200 – $300 per square foot. These picture windows also use steel framing. Some of which may also have fire-resistant gel-filled frames. This is a very clever engineering solution that can save lives and provide safety benefits for cruises.

Picture windows have a different meaning for cruise ships. In cruise ships, the suits located closely around the atrium, have picture windows. These windows are located on the fire resistant wall that is facing the inside of the atrium space inside the cruise ship.

What to put in front of picture window 

There are many different options for this. You can use furniture, decorative pillows, foot cautions, plants, souvenirs, benches, etc. If it is a bay, you can also make the area around the bay be a dining area by placing a dining table next the bay or in the bay.

How to clean picture windows      

This depends on the height the picture windows are located on. Picture windows are cleaned from the outside. So, cleaning the first floor windows is much easier than something like third floor windows. Because of this, tilt turn windows are more useful on higher level floors. This is because they allow you to clean the window from the inside. The 20% higher initial cost easily compensates for the significantly faster cleaning time and much lower cleaning expenses. This is especially important in tall multi-story building which requires high-rise window cleaners. They are expensive and limit you to their she duals. This allows you for more frequent maintenance. This helps keep your windows cleaner and in better condition.

If you need a high-pressure-washer for cleaning, then you should do so with care. Highly pressurized water beams can damage the window is not used carefully. Because of this, if you have old painted windows, we would sachets not using a presume washer at all. Instead, you can use a long extendable window squeegee with a scraper as a safer approach.

Do picture windows open

No. Picture windows are fixed. However, this does not make them bad. In fact, they are very useful. Their large size and unobstucting design is perfected to provide you with lots of light.

What is a picture window on a house

Picture windows are very attractive in style. They make to house look and feal more comfortable and nice to live in. Large picture windows also increase the value of your house. This is very usefull for if you are ever going to need to sell your house.

Picture Window Cost USA 2020

Picture windows cost less than operatable windows such as casement or tilt turn. They do not have hardware that allows them to open but their performance is still amazing. They have the best performance to cost ratio. Costing about $120 – $400 per window.

The cost of picture windows depends mainly on the quality, size, color of the frame, and number of glass panes. If the room allows for picture windows, it is always better to have more of them and larger. They are a great way to lighten up the room, make it feal bigger, and generally improve the quality of comfort you experience. They are also the cheapest of any window type. This allows you to have more picture windows or just larger ones, while still being in the same budget. If you are looking for the cheapest picture window option, it may be a good idea to check your local Home Depot or Lows shelfs. It is quick and convenient. They have a fairly wide selection of standard sized picture window options.

Large Picture Window Cost

Large picture windows cost more than smaller sized windows. This makes them harder to afford. But for the benefits, it is usually worth it. Depending on the size, color, type, quality, and glass unit, the cost can vary anywhere from $600 – $1200 per window.

How much do large windows cost? The cost of large windows depends on the size of the window, quantity of windows, and the upgrades you chose. There are other factors but they are mostly listed above. Generally, without any upgrades, a 36 x 48 picture window would cost you from $220 – $240. We have upgrades such as sound-proofing and or sun protection and or glass reflection solutions. They may cost you around 10-30 % more (depends on level chosen for each upgrade). We help optimize these upgrades to be nearly perfect for your project. These upgrades are unique to us and so other vendors may have different options. We also offer different safe glazing options. They include tempered glass and laminated glass. We value our customers’ preferences and desires. As such, we do not charge them a lot for premium quality products. Instead, we believe that everyone should be able to have top of the line large windows. Without going way over budget and receiving minimal return. So, we make our windows have customer – friendly costs.

Are picture windows more expensive

Generally picture windows are cheaper than casement. However this all depends on the quality of the windows and size of the windows. Our picture windows are cheaper than our tilt turn or specific storefront windows.

How Much is a Large Window 2023

Large windows are a great way you can increase you house value. When people see large windows on a house, they associate it with comfort and luxury. How much is it? Per one:

  • Casement: $150 – $950
  • Tilt and Turn: $170 – $900
  • Fixed & Picture: $60 – $620
  • Slider: $140 – $800

All of these types of windows vary in cost so much because the quality and size difference. Also, not every window can be large. For example, a large picture or fixed window can be up to 70 square feet, but a casement can be up to 18 square feet. Tilt turn windows can be up to 32 square feet. This includes options such as 5×5’ (huge) and 4×8’ (huge). This large sizing that is available allows for large windows to be not only fixed but operable as well. Using a combination of several types of large windows provides you with more performance and can help you cut down costs, if done wisely.

Picture Window Cost per Square Foot

The picture window cost per square foot is roughly about $20 – $30. But, if you are using luxurious highly tinted exclusive glazing in premium frames, the cost per sq ft may double. However, if you are cleaver about it, you can achieve great results but do so in budget.

Our picture windows are optimized for customer use and to suit people’s preferences. That includes the preferences of lower prices and higher quality products. Additionally, they are supper efficient in terms of performance. As such, they are not a one-time purchase and use for 10 years but an investment with life-long saving that will last you over 25 years of enjoyable use.

Large picture windows need to be optimized for you house. They can be ordered with customizable degrees of sun-heat protection, soundproofing, and glass reflection. These need to correspond to your needs as it relates to your location, climate, local noise pollution, and visual appeal.

How much does it cost to install a picture window

This depends on the size of window and the crew you choose. Generally, to install a large picture window, it would cost you about $200 – 500. But, prices for insulation vary depending on the area you live in.

Customer service

Our goal is to find a perfect solution for customer-specific problems. This means customizing the windows to be optimal for the place you want them to be. This ensures long lasting energy efficient and unique results.

Picture Windows, Large Picture Windows, Advantages and Disadvantages Picture Windows, Large Picture Windows, Advantages and Disadvantages
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Interesting Facts


Our premium windows have a steel reinforcement that is 1.6-2.8 times stronger than other tilt and turn windows and over 5 times when compared to regular windows in the market.


Our tilt and turn windows exceed the ENERGY STAR certification standard by 50-70% in terms of insulation which provides a superior energy efficiency.


With soundproof windows upgrade it is possible to reach a significant difference, decreasing noise level by 6-12 times, and up to 30 times in some cases.

Interesting Facts

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