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Premium Quality

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Great Prices, Fair for All

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How They Open

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All Custom

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Garden Patio Doors

Custom Windows, German Windows

For numerous families, a patio door is the most utilizeddoors in their whole house. Mainly in summer when they enjoy outside in the scorching sunlight on the deck. There are quite a few categories of patio doors existing that may be suitable for people.

Types of Patio Doors


Sliding patio doors are one of the most prevalent styles available. Such entries are versatile, user-friendly, elegant and affordable. Sliding patio doors are easy to get in and out of the house. Everyone prefers resources which make their life comfortable and relaxed. The prime factor about sliding glass patio doors is that save space. As well as they let the sunshine in on sunny days. Mostly sliders will also have a mosquito screens / curtain. That can be open to allow fresh air in and preventing pests and bugs.

Swinging or French

Swinging, or French patio doors, is an exquisite preference to permit sunlight inside a house, along with providing ventilation. French-style patio doors also provide access to the outside with an unhindered view. The unique styles help to make a home stand out in the neighborhood. Distinctions may be in color, texture, ornamental glass and much more. Configurations may also vary like standard side-by-side French doors or three-panel sliding door, subject to the width of the house opening.

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  • Folding Patio Doors

Folding patio doors can make the backyard of a house look elegant. Typically, a folding patio door works like an accordion in wide spaces. A folding patio door will have 2 to 8 panels or separate full glass doors that open or close on a track structure.

Materials Used in Patio Doors

Patio doors can be made from a wide range of different textures and materials. Read below to find different materials used to create a patio door.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl is the most common material used for making patio doors. That helps to create a resilient, heavy-duty, and energy-efficient and will be fit for warm and cold climates both. Vinyl patio doors won’t fade away, peel, decay or change. The purchaser can choose from various colors and textures together with several artificial wood glosses.

  • Wood

Real wood patio doors are the most sophisticated ones but can be costly and challenging to sustain. Mahogany, Alder, pine and fir are some wood types which can be used to make such doors look lavish. If the doors are not well maintained then they may rot, crack and warp within some time.

  • Aluminum or Steel

Metal patio doors are made from aluminum or steel. They are highly famous for their durability and is one cost-effective way. Such entries are treated as corrosion and rust-resistant.

  • Fiberglass

Many people prefer using fiberglass to make their patio doors as they are lightweight, durable and unaffected by weather. Fiberglass and vinyl doors are similar in texture and appearances, but fiberglass is a bit more expensive as compared to vinyl.

Glass Options for Patio Doors

Different patio glass doors can be customized according to an individual’s needs. Everything from embellished glass to plain glass can be customized. The glass of the patio door matters the most in an individuals house.

  • Low-E Glass Patio Doors

Every person prefers to have a Low-E glass for their patio door. This customization helps to prevent harmful UV rays from entering the house, which can cause negative impacts on furniture and carpets. It also helps to lower the energy bills of the house.

  • Decorative or Hinged Patio Glass Doors

Supreme patio doors create chiefly hinged, or French patio doors will have the possibility to select decorative glass. People get glass frosted to add privacy. The decorative glass can also help to give a more enhancing look.

  • Patio Doors with Built In Blinds

Built-in patio door blinds are customized to make an individual’s life more manageable in terms of cleaning. In such cases, screens are mounted in between the panes of glass. In such cases people won’t have to clean the doors. However this is only considered an option if a person likes the appearance of the glass in such way.

  • Grids Between the Glass

Just like built-in blinds, they can also set grids in between the panels of glass. This would also help to keep the glass clean without any efforts.

Patio Door Security and Locks

When a person is planning to get a patio door for their house than considering security locks is also very important. Different lock mechanisms are used for the main entrance and door screens.

  • Dual Point Locks for Patio Doors

Double point locks are most famous for sliding patio doors. They have two knobs on the door frame from the sliding portion of the door. Also, there can also be four-point locking mechanisms for sliding patio doors for added safety and security.

  • French or Hinged Patio Door Locking Systems

French patio doors along with hinged patio doors have conventional padlock systems. These padlocks are comprised of a bolt on the top and a lowermost lock on the doorknob parallel to the locking systems of traditional exterior doors.

What’s the Best Patio Door?

Every person has a different choice. Some may want to keep their door open to avoid pests and bugs. For them, a sliding patio door is preferable. People who prefer a luxurious look would go for a French patio door or folding one. It depends on a person needs and choice.

When choosing a patio door a person’s budget may also be considered as an essential factor. Real wood patio doors are expensive as compared to artificial ones. In the same way, vinyl is cheaper than fiberglass. Plus those who have children should also rethink about their choices.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Patio Door

When picking a patio door, many points may come in a person mind. For instance, the frame size, the size of the lounge, different types of textures, and also choosing the right glass. It is not easy to select the best option. 

  1. How Do Different Materials Affect Frame Sizes?

Irrespective of which vendor a person chooses, Sliding patio doors can be found in various styles and materials. Whatever material they decide they will find benefits and drawbacks. Factors may differ in terms of energy efficiency, value and form.

Some materials may be thicker than the other, and some may be more energy efficient. Different contractors will offer different rates. Therefore it is advisable to check 2 or 3 vendors before choosing one.

  1. Different Kinds of Patio Doors

When searching for a Patio door, various designs can be found. However, the most common one is of two glass door and screen. This style is modest never the less useful, and it can supplement just about any internal or exterior design structure. But then again if someone wants to make something more lavish and creative, there are ample of other choices.

Such as, a French Sliding Door includes four diverse glass panels with twofold-doors sliding away from and in the direction of each other. These repeatedly fashion the look of a classic hinged door; on the other hand, they provide the benefit of a broader doorway. This is frequently an excessive option for homeowners observing for a patio door that opens wide.

  1. Selecting the Finest Place in the House for the Door

If a house already has a patio door, then choosing the location is not a headache. But if they are installing it for the first time then deciding the site would be difficult. At times furniture and other aspects may become an obstacle. For this, a professional contractor should be contacted immediately. They know the best choices. They would also let the person know where the patio door would suit the best.

  1. Choosing the Right Glass

Sliding patio doors can help to save energy within the home. As their large openings enhance ventilation, they can cut the use of air-conditioners. For those interested in ideal structural durability and energy-efficiency, then Low E, obscure and Energy Star-rated glass will let light to pass in a while preventing UV rays that can increase warmth in a house. If the door faces an area wide-open to a lot of sunlight, hanging curtains can also improve the energy-efficiency of the doors.

Why People Need Patio Doors?

For many people, the patio door is loved by people for their comfort. While others may face slams and shuts at their worst. But still they don’t avoid having such lavish doors for several reasons. If a person chooses proper material, maintains it well and determines the correct location then they won’t face any problems. Instead they would appreciate the advantages. Read below to find out a list of reason why a person would like to add a patio door to their home remodeling project.

For Light

Patio glass doors help to add great light to a person house. This also makes the home look bigger and brighter. Along with that, the large glass panels help a person to have a clear view of the outside. The light coming in the home makes the room look luxurious and productive as well.

Smooth Operator

A patio door can be a smooth operator in all four seasons. Usually in summers when sitting outside people move in and out of the house a lot. In such cases such sliding doors can be of great help and ease. Quality also matters when a person gets a patio door. If the door is not well installed then due to the swing and slam the door can get damaged easily. So people should make sure to use material which is durable and safe. Along with that material should be used which are smooth.

Open Up

Having the picture-perfect patio door may seem complicated; however it is possible. There are certain things they’ll need to take into account: style, convenience, functionality, and type of glass. Having the impeccable patio door will aid an individual to get the most out of their home, as it allows a person to integrate the indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly.

Whether a person adores gardening, entertain, or normally sit back and ease on the patio, having a multipurpose patio door generates so many more living choices for them. For instance, opening up a large, sliding patio door allows guests to mingle inside and outside freely, and helps them socialize and tend to their guests with ease. Or, if a swinging French door is more everyone’s style, then open those doors to let in a little extra fresh air, and take a peek into the attractive view. For any additional air or breeze, adding a screen door to the patio door may be a good idea.

Energy Efficiency

The key to attaining energy efficiency out of the patio doors is choosing the right type of glass. Fiberglass, recognized for its insulating competences, can help significantly raise the energy efficiency of the individuals home. When people have a choice between fiberglass and vinyl, they would want to compare before they decide. That’s because with fiberglass seals are sheltered, safeguarding no cold air escapes or leaks in during the winter. The protecting properties of the patio door will support keeping the temperature of the home consistent, which will help the individual save on the heating and cooling bills. However, vinyl may have its abilities; it may eventually cost them more in the end.


Sliding patio doors are basically giant windows, and like windows, it’s essential to understand how the different materials can affect functionality. Typical elements like wood may look striking and be energy efficient, but at the same time, they will be luxurious and will require higher maintenance. Cleaning would be required daily to avoid rotting and cracking in different seasons.

Sliding patio doors are great add-ons to just about any home. They can enhance a touch of modern aesthetic while generating a contented and visually outstanding living space. By making the right choices and observing all the available opportunities, homeowners can imagine  having a patio door that will last longer and look vibrant — wasting money on material which will not last long and will not look good maybe a colossal mistake. It is better to consider all options and check on different vendors to see a comparison in prices and ideas. The more a person will look around the more he would get suggestions which would be helpful to remodel their house.

Interesting Facts


Our premium windows have a steel reinforcement that is 1.6-2.8 times stronger than other tilt and turn windows and over 5 times when compared to regular windows in the market.


Our tilt and turn windows exceed the ENERGY STAR certification standard by 50-70% in terms of insulation which provides a superior energy efficiency.


With soundproof windows upgrade it is possible to reach a significant difference, decreasing noise level by 6-12 times, and up to 30 times in some cases.

Interesting Facts

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