Premium Quality

Premium Quality

  • Pristine triple pane glazing
  • High-grade vinyl with wide steel core framing
  • German windows technology
  • Long term solution
Great Prices, Fair for All

Great Prices, Fair for All

  • Great prices on premium windows? Yes.
  • Price estimator for your order? Yes.
  • Online discount? Yes.
  • Do we offer price match? Yes.
How They Open

How They Open

  • Thorough and healthy air exchange
  • Takes less than a second to open a window
  • Easy maintenance and handling
  • Multi-locking point system - durable and stable
All Custom

All Custom

  • Custom sizes
  • 60 + window frame colors
  • 5 levels of Soundproofing
  • 5 levels of Sun Protection glazing

Great Prices, Fair for All

European widows and doors cost

We are a growing local company that is interested in increasing its market presence.
Our goal is to establish long-term relationship with our customers all around Canada and the USA. To achieve set goal, we offer discounted prices for premium products until the end of products until the end of 2021. For example, 36*48in tilt and turn white window with double Low-E Argon glazing and R-value of 8 would cost around $319 USD ($387 CAD).
We provide an online calculator to estimate the cost of your house package. 80-90% of orders would be situated in a given range. It allows people to choose the settings for their specific needs and preferences and see the price range for the window package. Provided price captures the fluctuation that depends on the location of the project. You can request more detailed information about the price of your order by requesting a quote on our website.
We will provide it within 1-2 business days.
The quick estimator takes into account the total surface and quantity of a windows and doors, the frame color, type of glazing and soundproof combinations. The estimator has clarifications and recommendations on what would solve customer’s problems most efficiently. But most importantly, it shows different types of IG units that have different R- values (indicators of energy efficiency).

Custom Windows, German Windows

Great prices on premium windows? Yes!

Everyone wants premium windows, there is no doubt about it. But not everyone is willing to pay the premium price as in most cases it is too high, and you are overpaying for the performance. We took these aspects into consideration and decided to charge regular or below average prices on premium windows. We value our customers and want them to have the best, as such, by efficiently managing and minimizing overhead costs, we can put great prices of premium windows.

Price estimator for your next order

Want a good estimate on how much your order would cost? Just use the Price estimator function by entering in some basic data. How more accurate information, you can request a quote and we will have it ready in 1 – 2 business days.

Interesting Facts


Our premium windows have a steel reinforcement that is 1.6-2.8 times stronger than other tilt and turn windows and over 5 times when compared to regular windows in the market.


Our tilt and turn windows exceed the ENERGY STAR certification standard by 50-70% in terms of insulation which provides a superior energy efficiency.


With soundproof windows upgrade it is possible to reach a significant difference, decreasing noise level by 6-12 times, and up to 30 times in some cases.

Interesting Facts

Looking for something special?

Send us an email and we will help you to find a perfect solution.

Send an Email

Our windows are manufactured in Europe

Since our windows are manufactured in Europe the lead time is ranges from 6 to 8 weeks. Order slightly earlier and you will be satisfied by savings, quality and durability.
Our top priority is the quality of our products so we use thicker glass and steel reinforced frame for long term durability which makes our windows 20-30% heaver then regular windows.


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