What are Tilt and Turn windows?


 Tilt Turn Windows increase the energy efficiency and security of the house in a stylish way. GL Advanced Windows offers high-quality tilt and turn windows in the USA and Canada.

What are Tilt and Turn windows?

The Tilt and Turn system was named after the way it is operated. One hand motion allows opening wide the window or place it in a tilt position. The process takes less than two seconds.

They have been in widespread use in Europe for decades. They combine a modern and stylish appearance with a durable, low maintenance glass. It improves the level of comfort in any home.

How much do tilt and turn windows cost?

Price for tilt and turn windows depends on the size and color wanted. The cost would generally start at $170 USD (230 CAD). Color frame options would increase the cost by another 10-11%. There are different types of sound proofing upgrades. Sun heat gain control would add to the limited cost of the windows. GL Advanced Windows offers unique acrylic glass frame coverage. This will preserve its color for more than 100 years. Such option would cost 21-22% more than regular white windows. However, it would retain its look for a longer period.

We control overhead costs which allows us to offer lower prices to our customers. Our goal is to provide premium quality products at a budget friendly price.

Why do tilt and turn windows open inwards?

German, tilt and turn windows open inwards because of the many advantages it gives. Windows which open inwards are very easy to use, require very little maintenance, and it allows rapid ventilation when needed.

Unlike windows operated by the cranking function, German windows take less than two seconds to open. This makes them a very user-friendly experience. Fast operation helps users feel more satisfied with their product. Thus, German windows are always praised for their easy to use design.

Tilt and turn windows are easy to keep in brand-new condition. They need very little maintenance. When the window is in the tilt position, it gives effortless access to the outside part of the glass for easy cleaning.

Tilt turn windows are very versatile when it comes to ventilation. Their 3 modes on ventilation allow optimal ventilation degrees. In the turn position, it allows fast ventilation. In the tilt position it enables passive ventilation. Finally, in the micro-ventilation mode, slow but smooth ventilation is achieved.

How do tilt and turn windows work?

Tilt and turn windows operate on a simple turn of the handle. For passive ventilation, you can select the ‘tilt’ position by turning the handle up 180 degrees. The top of sash is pooling inwards. For fast access to the outside or rapid ventilation you can turn the handle parallel to the floor. It allows to swing the window inwards. This is the turn position. Our windows also have a micro ventilation mode. This mode is like the tilt position but miniature. In this mode, there is a small gap at the top part of the windows. This mode is very useful for slow but smooth passive ventilation. To open the window to the micro-ventilation mode your need to turn the handle. To the position in-between the tilt and turn position. Roughly 135 degrees up from the downwards position. When the handle is in the downwards position, facing the floor, it is in the locked position. In the locked position, the window is secured with all the multiple points of locking. Because we use a multi-point locking system, our windows are very secure and will not budge.

Unique advantage of tilt and turn windows

• Senior friendly – no noticeable efforts to open because of the big handles. No Cranking, no efforts. Which may be to heavy or even painful for seniors.

– Degrees of ventilation. Different angles of the window in the tilt position allow smooth air exchange.

•Fire escape – it is quick to open. Perfect fire escape route in case of emergency. Not required time for cranking, no risks of fail in critical situation.

These elegant yet functional tilt turn windows are smooth and easy to operate. They allow subtle and secure ventilation at the turn of a handle. Select another setting and the rate of ventilation will increase while keeping the building safe. They can lock into several selected positions, providing options. The tilt and turn system is easy to use even for small children.

Tilt and Turn windows are stylish, ultra-modern, and confer on any space.

The benefits of choosing them include:

• Improved building appearance

• Add market value to the building

• Simplicity and ease of use

• Substantial thermal insulation

• Sound insulation

• Low maintenance

• Easy access outside

We combine all the above with great customer friendly prices. To meet most budgets.

Enjoy High-Performance Quality with Tilt and Turn Windows and Doors.

We use Triple glazed tilt turn windows. To maximize security, thermal efficiency and noise reduction. They provide lifelong savings on energy while delivering year-round comfort. Tilt and turn windows can replace some types of hopper as a fire code windows. But are more versatile and can range in sizes.

With triple or quadruple glazing, owners are able to customize the level of protection they want. Our products add significant value to their property. They increase energy-savings and provide premium sound insulation. Modern home-buyers are seeking enhanced energy efficiency. This gives home sellers with European windows and doors an advantage. The real estate market are helping them.

Often, people choose to have large windows with sections of Tilt and Turn. This kind of design combines functionality with unobstructed views.

One time, people face the need to wash the glass on casement windows… They are surprised, they face quite and obstacle. This is why Tilt and Turn windows show their user-friendly experience.

Resistance to Extreme Weather Conditions

Tilt and Turn windows, and doors, are designed to ensure extreme climate protection. The product is built to endure high levels of different weather extremes. It is ideal for buildings that are subjected to heavy rain, snow, strong winds, storms, etc. The frames won’t rust or rot and the color will not fade despite long exposure to harsh weather.

We offer window frames made with strong steel core. It designed for additional structural strength. The nice and large windows have to withstand strong winds. In this cases the metal core to the window frame is essential. There are many types of windows, but few shows as positive results. Tilt and turn windows are leaders of them. There are different types of the climate in US and Canada. European windows and doors will create a comfortable living in all of them. At the same time adding an enviable look to the building’s façade.

Thermal Glass – Modern Technology

The advanced technology of the tilt function, delivers a reduction in heating and cooling costs. In all seasons, households can save for their thermal comfort. The smart glazing profiles offer efficient thermal insulation. This results in cuts of energy costs and a quiet space for the comfort.

Sound Insulation

The Tilt and Turn system are proven high-performance casement windows. They can guarantee the sound-proof at real small investment. The triple sealing and triple-glazing combine to achieve maximum comfort. The Tilt and Turn system reduces external noise radically. Choosing tilt and turn products will increase any home’s competitive market appeal. As well as add significant value to the sale price.

How To Operate Tilt and Turn Windows

Unlike fixed windows, tilt and turn ones can open in two directions. The homeowner can select the ‘tilt’ position for passive ventilation. Or, choose the ‘turn’ position to capture maximum ventilation. This is possible due to the window’s advanced design. When tilted inwards, passive ventilation mode is on. The window lets in fresh air while at the same time preventing rain and dust to enter. When it swings open inwards (turn position), the window opening position enables maximum ventilation.

Operation of the Tilt and Turn fenestration system couldn’t be simpler. One handle with easy selection of positions to tilt or turn. The tilt-turn sash has four sides multi-point locking mechanism. All positions can chosen with an easy, one-handed action. The downward position of the single handle is used to lock the window. Turning it by 90 degrees opens the window into the turn position. Another 90 degree rotation results in the tilt position. In this position there is a gap in the upper part of the window. This gap is for ventilation on level of the top of the window. The tilt function has a micro ventilation mode with narrow gap for small air exchange.

Homeowner can determine which side the window opens. Easy to choose hinges side to their preferences. The turn position allows instant access to both sides of the sash for cleaning. Wide and easy opening sash suitable for fire escape purpose.

In an emergency situation occupants have no problems to escape. It is one of the reasons why people choose tilt and turn windows in bedrooms.

Triple or Quadruple Glazing

For the Tilt and Turn windows, homeowners can opt for triple glazing, and even quad glazing. This is for the superior energy efficiency. It saves 70-80% of household energy losses from windows compare with traditional single glazed windows.

Triple glazing has significant advantages, including:

• Life-long lower energy costs

• A reduced carbon footprint

• Reduction of heat loss in cold weather

• Reduction of sun heat gain in hot weather

• Withstand severe weather events including heavy rain, snow, storms

• Reduced external noise

• Little maintenance required

Multi-glazed windows are produced with a gap in between the panes of glass. The gaps are filled with neutral gas. To confer superior thermal and acoustic insulation. Though its score rating is better, it is not smart to use quadruple pane windows. They are much heavier than triple pane ones and cost more. In many cases, it is just not worth it to increase the insulation of windows to such a high level. Triple pane products are less expensive and more durable. They have 50% less seems than quadruple. Has an optimal ratio of insulation as well as cost.

Purchasing quadruple pane windows is a serious decision. We provide free consultation for our customers. To ensure that we find a perfect solution for your case.

Passive House Certification

The Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) is the real think tank. They are helping Passive house developers.

They have started a ‘Verified Window Performance Data Program’ VWPDP. It is voluntary but suitable. It provides verified performance data for building materials. To support designers and passive houses builders. This system enables vendors to have their products verified by PHIUS. To increase their exposure to that sector of the building industry. They spread the of the passive house technology in USA and Canada. Via PHIUS the industry has access to reliable information. To specify these high-performance products in their construction projects.

With help from PHIUS, tilt and turn windows suppliers have a success. By positioned themselves at the forefront of the market. Tilt turn windows are optimal to achieve PHIUS standards.

Most passive house windows meet the strict guidelines demanded by PHIUS. To meet thees standards a dramatic reduction in energy loss is necessary. It provides a constant and comfortable living environment.

The Best Choice for Every Scenario

There is no denying the good sense in investing in tilt and turn technology. It is useful for any building. For renovation, new-builds, life-long cost-savings and increasing market value.

Homeowners are opting for this innovative technologies to maximize the market value.

At the same time they try to minimize their carbon footprint. They show excellent insulation results in harsh climates and serve for a long time. To add comfort by installing tilt turn windows and doors. We provide premium products at a customer friendly price.




















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Interesting Facts


Our premium windows have a steel reinforcement that is 1.6-2.8 times stronger than other tilt and turn windows and over 5 times when compared to regular windows in the market.


Our tilt and turn windows exceed the ENERGY STAR certification standard by 50-70% in terms of insulation which provides a superior energy efficiency.


With soundproof windows upgrade it is possible to reach a significant difference, decreasing noise level by 6-12 times, and up to 30 times in some cases.

Interesting Facts

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Our top priority is the quality of our products so we use thicker glass and steel reinforced frame for long term durability which makes our windows 20-30% heaver then regular windows.

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