Quality comes first for GL Advanced Windows since it is core to the company’s mission to supply energy efficient windows and doors with superior insulation that the company takes pride in.



The biggest advantage that GL Advanced Windows has when compared to many other companies is its high quality. Top-of-the line materials, equipment, skilled and experienced workers lead to energy efficient, beautiful, and quality windows and doors. With over 5 years of being present in the Canadian market, the return rate is 0.02%.
Quality of our Glazing
Triple and quadruple glazing minimizes heat loss with R-value of 8-12
We customize solar energy and light transmittance for to increase energy efficiency and maintain comfortable temperature throughout the entire house
We provide wide glazing units that range from 1 ¾ in to 2 1/8 in (44-52mm). It empowers us to create soundproof glazing, adapted for different types of outside noise our customers are experiencing

Quality of Soundproof Insulation

By optimizing glazing we are able to use its unique qualities and achieve the high level of soundproofing.

We take each customer’s environment into account when calculating what type of glazing would be perfect to combat different types and levels of noise. There are four main categories of noise that our customers experience:

  • Highway traffic
  • Suburb
  • Airport proximity
  • Railway or heavy equipment proximity

Most of the windows have an STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of 18-30 which means that they reduce noise by 18-30 decibels. Our regular glass units have an STC rating of 33 and soundproof models have an STC of 38-43 which means that our soundproof windows reduce outside noise by additional 13 decibels in comparison to most windows in the market. To illustrate what difference 13 decibels make please see the table below. It shows how people perceive difference in the volume level and its affect on a person.

Noticeably: that is the difference between our standard tilt and turn windows and our competitors tilt and turn windows.

Evidently: can be achieved by implementing Soundproof Upgrade Level 1

Significantly: can be achieved by implementing Soundproof Upgrade Level 2

For houses that are located close to airports we provide an option that would decrease the volume by up to 20 dB.

Thermal Insulation

Sometimes rooms in the same house have different temperatures which is caused by the direction the windows are facing and the amount of sun heat they are receiving. This difference often confuses the climate control system that can start working in the heating mode or, on contrary, turn on air conditioning based on the indicators in one of the rooms. It results in imbalanced temperatures inside the house which brings discomfort to the home dwellers. One of the best ways to prevent this imbalance from happening is to choose different type of glazing for windows in different rooms.

  • Our triple glazed units have a R-value of 8.3 – 8.7 (U-value is 0.12) with Argon filling and up to 10 (U-value 0.1) with Krypton filling
  • Our quadruple glazing units have with Krypton filling have a R-value up to 12 (U-value 0.08)

Managing Solar Heat

We all know that rooms facing different cardinal direction can have different temperatures. Rooms facing north are usually colder than rooms facing south which can be inconvenient during hot and cold seasons.

So windows in the northern parts of the house need to have high visible transmittance to let sunlight inside and high solar heat gain to keep rooms at a comfortable temperature.

Windows facing south need a balance between visible transmittance and solar heat gain to ensure that rooms are light and not overheated in the summer.

We have a variety of glass combinations that suit our customers living in different locations in North America.


GL Advanced Windows considers that customer service is one of its key competencies. We focus our attention on understanding customer needs and accommodate them in the best possible way. We are able to achieve that by providing a high degree of customization



  • A variety of discounts for the customers to take advantage of in 2020
  • We will surprise you with our prices!


  • Modern technologies and designs allow us to offer products of the highest quality
  • Focus on providing only top-of-the-line premium windows for a promotional price


  • Our standard windows have superior sound insulation
  • Soundproof upgrades focus on significantly minimizing different type of noise


  • Our goal is to find a perfect solution for customer-specific problems
  • High degree of customization allows us to make your house efficient and unique


  • Over 40 color and 20 woodgrain options for the window frames
  • Unique acryl glass frame coverage that lasts for 100 years


  • Provide a variety information about passive houses
  • Our windows are suitable for passive house projects

Interesting Facts


Our premium windows have a steel reinforcement that is 1.6-2.8 times stronger than other tilt and turn windows and over 5 times when compared to regular windows in the market.


Our tilt and turn windows exceed the ENERGY STAR certification standard by 50-70% in terms of insulation which provides a superior energy efficiency.


With soundproof windows upgrade it is possible to reach a significant difference, decreasing noise level by 6-12 times, and up to 30 times in some cases.

Interesting Facts

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Since our windows are manufactured in Europe the lead time is ranges from 6 to 8 weeks. Order slightly earlier and you will be satisfied by savings, quality and durability.
Our top priority is the quality of our products so we use thicker glass and steel reinforced frame for long term durability which makes our windows 20-30% heaver then regular windows.