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Pristine Triple Pane Glazing

Window glazing is a very important part of any window, but what is premium glazing? Primium glazing is when it is specifically customized for best performance while balancing the cost. With over 200 certified glazing options, we can help you personalize each window, taking into account things like your future home’s location, local climate, cardinal window placement, and local noise sources. This allows us to provide you with the best of high insulation and optimal soundproofing, while minimizing energy losses.

Premium Glazing Does Not Have To Be Expensive

When most talk about premium products, they usually imply a high cost, however real premium glazing is not which offers the best performance and costs more then it should be, no. Real premium glazing is when it is optimal in performance for the price you pay. Although we offer double through to quadruple pane glazing, triple pane glazing tends to be the most optimal for the price when you are considering its performance.

Not All Triple Pane Glazing Is The Same

Although triple pane glazing is usually most optimal out of the glazing options that are available, not all triple pane glazing is the same. A key aspect in window glazing the number of Low-E panes that it has. Low-E panes reflect heat. This help prevent overheating on hot days and minimize energy losses on cold ones. Most commonly, standard American or Canadian triple pane windows usually have 1 Low-e pane. However, our European windows have 2 as to offer much better performance. This is especially vital for passive house projects as they need a minimum of 2 Low-E panes.

Soundproofing is another important aspect in triple pane glazing. Although some disregard it, soundproofing upgrades in window glazing can make a big difference. Soundproofing in window glazing adds comfort and peace. This is especially important for homes that are near loud areas like construction sites, highways, and city centers. It not only provides massive relief but can be a great selling point in the future for the home. But not all soundproofing is the same. It needs to be personalized to be best against your specific noise source. It also needs to be balanced with the rest of your home because what good is high soundproof glazing in a small bathroom window.

High-grade Vinyl With Wide Steel Core Framing

Grade A Vinyl Profiles

Vinyl is the most optimal window framing material. It does not overheat, requires little to no maintenance, and looks great, especially when colored. However, not all vinyl profiles are the same. In Europe, there are 3 main classifications on vinyl window frames, A, B, and C. The grade assigned to window frames is based on the thickness of the outside walls of the profile and overall structural strength. To minimize any risks and ensure the best quality, we only use class A vinyl profiles. These have the wide 1/8” (3mm) thick outside walls and also a 6-chamber design for better energy efficiency.

When it comes to color options, our windows are with vinyl foil. Meaning that you will never have to worry about the color fading.

Extra Wide Steel Core Frame Reinforcement

Windows need to be strong, especially when it comes to big ones as the frame would need to be strong enough to support the weight of the window and keep it sturdy inside the wall, not to mention that strong windows last longer. However, considering all this, standard American or Canadian vinyl windows are not strong enough because they do not have any frame reinforcement. This not only diminishes the life of the windows, but it also limits the size the windows can be. That is why European windows have steel core framing support. In these windows, there are strong steel tubes inside the profiles. This ensures much longer service life and allows the windows to be 2 times bigger than windows without the steel core. But this is not enough for us. Instead of using regular steel core tubing, we use extra wide steel core frame reinforcement inside the profiles to ensure triple the strength of regular steel core supported vinyl windows.

German Windows Technology

The best European windows are from Germany because of the German windows technology. It is simply the most effective in delivering great performance. This is why we use German windows technology in all our windows.

Long Term Solution

Windows are a long-term investment. On one side it needs to give you the best performance and a great user experience, on the other, it needs to increase the value of your house and give a profitable return on investment. When you optimize your windows with us, we can ensure great performance and user experience all at great prices.

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