What is triple glazing?

Triple glazingconstitutes a window that has three panes of glass. In between the glass panes there are gaps which may then be filled argon gas. The spaces which regulate the size of the gap, they are very important because they control thermal conductivity. The spacers a desiccant to absorb water vapor to prevent the glass from fogging.
There come in two kinds, rubber, and box style. In rubber spacers the desiccant is integrated into the rubber. But there is less desiccant in the rubber spacers. Box style spacers may be made from aluminum (the cheapest kind), thin stainless steel, and composite with stainless steel (the best but most expensive kind). For our windows we use box style spacers with a composite and stainless steel. We do this because it is the best preforming and most reliable option. We want our customers to have only the best and long lasting windows and doors. So, we find it to be cheaper to use only the best materials to prevent any issues with your products.

Are Triple Pane Windows Better

Without a dought. Every charectoristic of triple glazed windows is better than double pane. Triple glazed windows have better energy efficiency (twise as effective as on dual pane windows), soundproofing, and have higher solar heat gain controll. 3 pane windows have only 3 downsides:

Lower visual transmittance

– about 5-10% less than in dual pane windows

Triple pane window price

– they are about 7-10% more expencive than dual pane windows

They are heavier

– about 2 pounds heavier per square foot

What is better double pane or triple pane windows? Definetly triple pane.

How Much Better are Triple Pane Windows

In short, the answer is a Much Better, incomparable better, no choice:

Triple pane advantages:

• Inexpensive energy efficiency. Our triple-pane glass has an R-value of 8.1 – 9.7. Regular triple-pane windows have an R-value of 3.9 – 5.7. Even this is still over twice the efficiency of even the best dual-pane glazing units which have an R-value of 3 – 4. They allow to reduce energy bills (utility bills).
• Triple plane windows have a lower U-value, making them more energy efficient
• Standard soundproofing ordered for our triple pane windows, offer 8db – 12db more sound protection than dual pane units under city and loud traffic conditions. The soundproofing can be ordered to be much higher though.
• They are more durable when compared to double pane ones
• They only cost about 10% more than double pane windows
• They have the most optimal price to performance ratio

Advantages of double pane:

• Double pane windows are less heavy (25% lighter than triple pane windows), making window installation easier
• If the project is a high-end one, low-e glazing is used. It can mimic the energy efficiency of triple pane windows without low-e glass, but this may be more expensive.
• Windows cost about 10% less than triple pane windows of the same frame quality
• Double are much better than single pane windows in terms of energy efficiency and energy saving

Are Triple Glazing Windows Soundproof?

Yes, our triple pane units have a high level of soundproofing. More specifically, they offer 8db – 12db more noise protection than regular double pane window could. However this is enough to block out all outdoor traffic and industrial noise. Thus, a soundproofing upgrade is recommended. No American window you can find will have such premium soundproofing on windows for the same, budget-friendly price. The soundproofing can be upgraded to be even higher if requested.

Can I replace double glazing with triple glazing?

Yes, this is possible. But because double glazing is usually about 7/8 on an inch thick, not only the glass would need replacing, but the glass bed would need to be replaced as well. However, this is very difficult to do without proper manufacturing equipment. It would be much simpler and wiser to replace the whole window, or at least replace the glass with dual low-e glazing and argon or krypton gas filling. The window installation would be easier if the entire unit is going to be replaced.

Does triple glazing reduce light?

Yes, but only but only about 5 – 7%. Any glass pane absorbs sunlight and reflects it. Low-e glass is very energy efficient, but it can decrease the amount of sunlight that enters the living space. We provide triple pane glasswindow system with two low-e glasses. But they reduce the smae amount of sunlight as other windows with one pane of low-e glass.

Why do triple glazed windows mist up?

Windows mist up is not dependent on the amount of panes. It depends on the quality and the tightness of the prime and secondary sealants. If they are not tight, outdoor conditions may cause water vapor to enter inside the glass unit. This causes the windows to mist up. To prevent this, we use box style spacers which are pumped of high quality desiccant and filled with argon gas.

What are the best energy-efficient windows?

The most energy-efficient windows need to have a high R value of 8+, high quality thick glass, a good tight seal, and a durable frame. There is an experimental porject in Sweden where windows with seven glass panes were installed. It resulted in R-value of only 15. These windows would be have low energy losses, have very good insulation, and have very good soundproofing. But, these windows are not at all practical for almost everyone. They would provide would have low visual transparency, would not open (in the majority of cases), any be very expensive. Window installation of such products would be very difficult as well. They can save energy but not money. But for the most optimal and practical solution, triple or sometimes quadruple glazed windows are the best option.

How do you tell if windows are energy efficient?

Energy efficient windows should have a high R-value of 8 or higher, have high quality low e glass, a good tight seal, and a strong frame. The main goals for windows are for then to pass through a lot of light, keep the indoor space warm, reduce outdoor sound, and not bother owners with issues and maintenance. It is also important for them to be well balanced and preform equality as good in cold winters and or hot summers.

Are triple pane windows a gimmick?

In a way yes, triple pane windows are rising in popularity all over the USA and Canada. Their superior design is always recommended for anyone in the market for windows. This is for a good reason, triple-pane windows have many advantages over dual pane units and a large cost advantage over quad glazed windows. Quadruple pane products may be twice as expensive as triple pane windows but will provide only about up to 20% more thermal resistance. Also, for quadruple pane windows, the glass unit needs to be over 2 inches thick. This requires special profiles which are also expensive. Thus, triple pane windows are the optimal choice.

What is the best noise reduction windows?

There are two types noise reduction. The fist are separate additional sashes, and the second type is the built-in option (special soundproofing unit order). The most cost-effective way to have good noise insulation in your home, is by requesting a special sound proofing unit for our European windows. Our well soundproofed special window unit will cost about 3 – 5% more than our regular option. Additional soundproofed panes to add to your windows is an available offer from a few vendors. Usually this type of solution works but it is expensive and harder to install perfectly. We offer 5 grades of sound proofing upgrades. So that you can order windows to be most efficient and practical for your project(s). We can also provide the option to custom order sound proofing on your windows. To maximize optimal for a specific source of noise bothersome for you and your home.

Do you get condensation with triple glazing?

Triple glazing differs in quality. It can range from R3 to R9, a huge difference but both may be triple glazed. Our triple glazed windows with an R value of 8 – 9. It is over 45% more energy efficient than regular triple pane windows with one low e glass pane.

Condensation is a result of a cold surface reaching below the dew point temperature. This is affected by two things, the humidity inside and the temperature of the surface on the glass. If you have very humid air inside, then on cold days you will have condensation build up on any window. But our windows are made to allow the home to be 15 – 20% more humid inside. This helps the home be more comfortable.

Do I need triple glazing?

Triple glazing is highly recommended for your home. Triple pane windows are more energy-efficient. They have higher sound proofing, are more durable, and all-around have the best price to performance ratio. Triple pane windows will only cost you about 10% more than dual pane. But end up being one of the best project decisions.

Triple pane windows increase the value of the house. The potential customer notice good quality triple pane windows installed in your house. It will be a sign to the client that during construction, material choice was in high priority. It can show that money was not saved on getting cheap materials in hole project. This is a huge advantage if selling the property. It can allow you to raise the value of your home and speed up the time it takes to sell.

What does triple glazing look like?

Triple glazing is when there are three panes of glass surrounded by a frame. They are much more energy efficient than single pane and double pane windows. Many people choose triple pane replacements if they decide to get a better thermal insualtion. Our triple glaze windows also have a better noise reduction properties. Superior insulation allows to reduce energy bills and increase energy savings.

Can you get quadruple glazing?

Yes, quad glazing is available to order. However, for a regular home, quadruple glazing is not recommended. As it will increase the windows price up to 50% and provide limited benefits over triple pane windows. The triple pane windows have an optimal price to performance ratio. They are a good in-between option when you want. A good level of sound proofing, energy efficiency and durability. All of it without a high price tag of quadruple pane windows.

Is it worth getting triple glazed windows

Yes. Triple pane windows provide more comfort and savings. However, not all triple pane windows are the same. Some may has an R value of 3 and some 9, a very large difference. They also may vary in quality, thickness, durability, soundproofing, ect. We ensure that are products are the best choice for any customer. Thus, we make triple glazed products that provide a better and higher level of soundproofing, energy efficiency, insulation, durability, and add value to the property. They have the best ratio of price to performance, overall, the most practical option.

Are Triple Pane Windows Worth The Extra Cost

Yes. Considering the price increase betwean dual pane and triple pane windows being only about 7-10%, the added advantages of triple pane windows make them well worth the higher price. Some venders may increase the price of triple pane windows to be up to 20-25% higher than dual pane windows. But this is not reasonable and honest pricing. The only reason they may do this is to rip off customers. Not to mention the better sun heat gain controll, energy efficiency, and soundproofing, triple pane windows can drastically increase the value of your house.

Does triple glazing reduce sound?

Yes, our triple glazed windows can reduce traffic and city noises from 7-12 DBa. Compared to dual pane windows offered by many vendors, our windows are custom. They are available to get in five different levels of sound proofing. They can also be ordered to be optimized for specific noise sources. We have triple sealant inside the window frame that also helps prevent noise entering between the frame and sash. They are also great for energy efficiency purposes

Bit by bit, we are being persuaded to shift from double to triple glazing. We are all interested in improving the energy performance of our windows. Whether you’re planning to replace the windows in your existing home. Adding new ones through an extension, or even building from scratch, windows are increasingly becoming more sophisticated. As a matter of fact, quadruple glazing is the next logical step if triple glazing is no longer cutting it.

Having strong, durable and high-quality glazing windows has many benefits. Especially because it uses materials with more energy-efficient properties. Good quality windows make it easier to control the overall temperature. Even the commercial building or home. Spotless glass panes, custom-built to perfection allow passers-by to look directly into your store and choose if they want to step in.

A home that doesn’t have glazed windows emits heat directly through the window. A single pane of glass is a poor insulator as it lets heat straight out the window. Double glazing is composed of a layer of gas trapped between two panes of glass. It allows less heat to be lost through the window.

Glazing a window is one of the best things. It is one can do to maximize the energy-efficiency of your home or building.

Those with single glazed window panes notice how hot their rooms become during summer and colder during winter. It’s even so easy for noise from outside to penetrate and break the glass. Triple glazing units demonstrated better perfermoance when it cam eto noise reduction. Many people decide to get replacement windows to increase comfort level in their homes.

The double glazing has greater capabilities to regulate internal temperature. To reduce energy expenses when compared to single pane windows, it also comes with its downsides. Triple pane units work even better in terms of preserving internal temperature at a set level.

The Downsides of Double Glazing Windows

The double pane windows have undergrade energy efficiency due to its structure.
The materials used will determine how expensive it will be. In case the material happens to be aluminum or vinyl, the maintenance cost may not be that expensive. However, there will still be costs incurred for painting from time to time. If the material is wood, the maintenance costs will be high. I will increase due to the biodegradable nature of wood. There will increase costs in protecting the wood against termites, rodents, moisture.
The sealed units in double-glazed window panes could have noticeable condensation in winter.
Double glazing is not the best option when it comes to insulation. It is not effective in keeping the temperature inside a house. It need a higher heating level because it lets the outside weather influence it.
Double glazed windows used to be the “standard” choice for homeowners until triple glazing windows came into the scene. And now triple pane glazing units are becoming a more popular options.

Triple Glazing Windows

As you know, the system of triple glazing window is made up of three panes of glass set within a frame separated either by a air or gas-filled-space. Predominantly, that improves the thermal performance of the windows, adds to the acoustic performance and also makes the windows more secure.

With all these benefits, it’s natural to assume that triple glazing is always going to be more suitable than double glazing. However, things are not that simple. The rough and ready method for comparing the performance of windows is the “U-value” measurement.

Every window – single, double, triple or quadruple – has a Window Efficiency Rating (WER). There are usually three factors that are tested. They include:

Effective Air Leakage (L factor) – this is the base of a quality window. Air leaking in causes cold droughts and air escaping means heat loss. Therefore, you’ll be spending more on your energy bills to compensate. The lower the L factor, the better the window and frame perform against air leakage. Ideally, you’re looking for a value of 0.00 W/m2.K
Thermal Conductivity (U Window) – similar to the air leakage test, this measure how good a window is at preventing heat from escaping inside. The lower the U value, the less heat can be lost through the window. The ideal value would be 1.00 W/m2.K
Solar Factor (G Window) – when sunlight passes through a window, heat in the house will increase. This is known as solar gain. A window with a high solar gain will be effective in allowing heat from the sun into your home. This can be handy during winter months.
The combination of these three factors provides you with the energy index Rating.

How Much Does a Triple Pane Window Cost      

Triple pane windows are more expencive than douple pane. And significanly less than quadruple pane. Example: 36×48″ tilt and turn window would cost from $319 ($389 CAD) with a 1 3/4″ thic glazing with a glazing R value of 8.1, high visual transmitance of 74% (7-10% higher than competitors’, in a standard white colour. We are working hard to provide our customers with primium products for the same or even lower price that of regular triple pane windows you can find anywere.

What Is the R-value of Triple Pane Windows          

This depends on the glazing, the width of the gap ibetwean the glass panes, and the type of gas used inside the chambers. The width of the gap betwean the glass panes varies depending on the type of gas used. For Argon gas, the optimal thicness is betwean 7/16 – 1/2″ (about 11-12mm). And for air, it is about 5/8″ (16mm). The R value will drop if the distance apart the panes is less then the optimal. This windows achive an R value around 2.5-3 with air filled triple pane windows and 4-6 with argon filled low-e glass. For an operatable window, higher R values of 7-8 require krypton gass fillings and quadruple pane glazing. But this may be 50-100% more expencive than triple pane windows of the highest quality. We offer quad pane windows with krypton gass but we do not recomend them to the average folk because the 5-8% increase in energy efficiency is not worth the 50-100% higher price tag. Quad pane windows with krypton gas also have a return on investment, in energy bills, of 80-100 years. Too much for real life.

Who Sells Triple Pane Windows  

There are some good companies who provide  good quality triple pane windows. To reseave stable quality, it is immportant that you choose a supplyer that has at least 10 years of expirience in production. This will ussually indicate that the suplyer has fixed almost all the problems in manufacuring prossess. We have some unique options that offer customers an uncomparable product that your won’t be able to find anywere else for a price that can’t be better. We offer over 58 colours your can choose from, unique acrycolour finishes, reflective glazing, and soundproofing.

Our unique options:

60 colours to choose from. Other vendors may offer up to 25 maximum foils.

Acrylic glass or vinyl foil finishes

– Others have common painted frames that fade

Relfective glazing of up to 45%

– Others don’t have this option at all


– Very little other venders have this option and if they do, it is usuually not as protective where to buy triple pane windows. Options with up to OTIC 41 and STS 50.

Quadruple Pane Windows

Triple glazing windows recently used to be the most notable new innovation. This was up until the new quadruple pane windows made a mark. Quadruple pane windows are the most advanced type of windowpane right now. It has four high-performance glass panes have no demand in the window industry.

Pros of Quadruple Glazing Windows

  • Provides more efficiency than a house wall and gives off a U-value of 0.4W/m2.K, R-value of up to 12-15 for Winter night and 16 for Summer day .
  • Lowest U- factor up to 0.06 for Winter night and 0.06 for Summer day .
  • Quadruple glazing windows make the insulation better. But not enough customer who are ready to pay for it.
  • The good windows helps prevent condensation on your windows in the winter.
  • Improved security and durability. Helps to block outside noise due to the creation of the tight seal. Provides greater noise reduction
  • Reduction in the structure’s carbon footprint. Minimal re-tooling is required during the installation of current sections. In some conditions, it can be retro-fitted to existing frame

Cons of Quadruple Glazing Windows:

  • Quadruple pane windows are quite expensive
  • Quadruple pane windows are also heavy and require tougher, more durable window frame and sash
  • It can be harder to install large quadruple glazed windows due to their weight

Triple VS Quadruple Window Glazing – Which One Is Better?

Now that we know the triple pane windows offer two layers of insulation and quadruple pane windows offer three, how effective either of them is highly depends on the area one lives in.

There are some technical problems when it comes to adding more and more panes of glass. In fact, quadruple glazing windows can reduce durability as thay have 50% more sims. Also they have thinner compartments faster gas filling degradation.

However, when it gets down to the two, quadruple glazing windows are the best and portray great thermal qualities. Besides, various tests have concluded that they are effective at keeping out the cold just like a standard house wall! In the long-run, installing a window system with energy efficiency means that one gets to save a lot of money on their heating bills during its entire operation.