Black Window Frames


 Black windows make a house look more classy, modern and chic. Unusual appearance simultaneously adds a note of formality and boldness to a style of the building.

Black Window Frames

The Bold Impact of Black Window Frames There is no disputing the dramatic appeal that black vinyl window frames will give any building. It is no surprise that they are an evolution in style that is quickly growing in popularity. The inclusion of black windows enhances the exterior of new, modern homes and yet, can […]

The Bold Impact of Black Window Frames

There is no disputing the dramatic appeal that black vinyl window frames will give any building. It is no surprise that they are an evolution in style that is quickly growing in popularity. The inclusion of black windows enhances the exterior of new, modern homes and yet, can also elevate the appeal of a more traditional exterior.

In fact, they are a fresh approach to creating a focal point for any building, since they fit effortlessly with most styles and almost all building materials.

At first, only bold designers were confident enough to include these striking building elements into their designs. The idea of emphasizing the actual frame containing windows and glass doors went against accepted convention. Yet it proved playful and evocative and the controversial concept soon captured imaginations, rapidly becoming synonymous with style and elan.

With the increase in demand, modern designers and architects are now confidently recommending black vinyl windows. This popular design solution is becoming a common trend in contemporary homes and other modern buildings.

Black windows add definition to a façade and capture maximum curb appeal. They can be teamed with contrasting colors to heighten the effect. For example, on the exterior of the home, black vinyl window frames demand attention when paired with a simple white trim. It is the starkness of the contrast that creates the dynamic result.

For interesting effect, the dark color can be utilized not only on the exterior but also on the interior of the window frame. Modern interior designers have realized that the allure of these beautiful feature elements will achieve a sophisticated vibe for their projects.

Black windows subtly accentuate a beautiful view. While black windows on the exterior façade provide a bold and confident styling to the front of any building, their stand-out effect from the inside acts like a picture frame, effectively turning a view from the interior into a framed work of art.

A home or building’s interior can achieve a dramatic tone using black window frames. They contrast well against light-colored walls and furniture. They succeed in transforming a room, contributing sophistication and glamour. The unexpected contrast adds depth and provides a focused visual statement.

Whilst black windows offer an up-to-date, even futuristic, look they can also effortlessly complement traditional styling. They can integrate smoothly with the popular farm-house design of today, or western-style decors, revisiting building themes from a bygone era. They can lift the appeal of federation style buildings and enhance the presentation of old, refurbished heritage buildings.

Proving highly versatile, black windows provide a multitude of advantages and design options, both to the interior and exterior of the building.

Features of black vinyl windows include:

  • Adding stylish look to homes and buildings
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of window styles and shapes
  • Durable and hardy, reducing maintenance
  • Reflect light, which reduces heat absorption
  • Interact pleasingly with the full spectrum of colors

Achieving the Style with a Multitude of Options

Whereas white windows still represent the majority of window frames used in the building industry today, black windows are becoming on trend. They certainly add definition and drama to a building façade. A strategic design statement can be achieved with the pairing of black frames with white frames on the same facade. The bold contrast can be used to capture attention to attractive architectural features on the building. Any one of a multitude of other contrasting colors could also be teamed with the black frames for the same result.

The sleek modern appeal of black window frames can blend with many architectural styles to achieve that perfect eclectic vibe.

The home-owner has plenty of choice when choosing the look of their black window frames. They can select a color option with a low-maintenance vinyl exterior that will protect against water damage. A durable, maintenance-free choice are frames fabricated from composite materials derived from reclaimed wood fiber and polymers. The superior finish won’t flake or fade or peel and they don’t peel or blister. Vinyl frames can still provide that desirable timber-look finish while avoiding the well-documented disadvantages of using real wood.

In fact, there is no need for the interior frame to be the same material or color as the exterior frame. Again, there is total versatility, providing a range of options. The design could call for painted timber interiors teamed with anodized aluminum exteriors for the weather-proofing qualities. Aluminum clad frames are less expensive than steel frames but are still very durable, so the advantages are retained but for less cost.

Challenges Resolved

It is not just the energetic, visual allure of black vinyl windows that is so inspiring, it is also the superior technology behind them that earns all the accolades. The difficulty with black is that it absorbs heat and this can result in the warping of window frames. To counter this challenge, the black frames need a cool solution. The problem is addressed with a black capstock that goes over a white co-extruded under-layer. This combination reflects sunlight and therefore reduces heat gain.

AcrylColor Windows

For home-owners seeking an stylish, modern window system that confers superior energy efficiency at an affordable price, the choice is simple. Colored PVC windows permit the creation of a unique exterior façade with the choice from a wide range of modern colors. Windows made with PVC are an innovative new technology rapidly becoming popular in the building industry. They offer specially colored window frames that enhance the impact of the building’s façade in a way that can’t be rivaled.

Windows function not only to let light into the building’s interior but also to provide ventilation. However, they can also be used to cleverly celebrate the style of the home and draw attention to special design features in its architecture.

Acrylcolor windows are an ideal solution to accentuate the contemporary design of new homes or to modernize the appeal of a refurbished home.

The Co-extrusion Thermal Process

Acrylcolor windows are modern frames made with acrylic co-extrusion technology. Acrylcolor technology involves the merging of the colored acrylic glass onto a base PVC profile in one step. The PVC substructure is white. The fusing of these two materials results in a semi-matt, colored outer profile that exhibits superior resistance to all weather extremes.

The result is a superior combination of acrylcolor and PVC, which is substantially more durable than traditional colored windows. This high-quality product Is not only suitable for domestic use, but has applications in the automotive industry where it is applied to tail lights and interior design.

The manufacturing process involves an advanced thermal process, known as co-extrusion, where two high-quality materials are bonded together. The result is a stable, inseparable product of impressive strength with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. This is the most durable plastic material ever produced.

During manufacture, polishing of the colored acrylic layer results in a unique, standardised grain texture and a fine, semi-matt surface gloss.

The finished acrylcolor windows form a slim, fully sculptured system within a 70mm strong frame. Furthermore, the advanced contour welding in the manufacturing process results in a very thin groove that merges the corners tightly.

Along with the full spectrum of coatings colors, the designer can also achieve a steel or aluminum window appearance by selecting the metalized option, for that stylish metallic look.

The advantages of acrylcolor windows include:

  • State-of-the-Art quality craftsmanship
  • High resistance to impacts and scratches
  • Effective barrier against bad weather like storms or hail
  • Effective barrier to harsh UV radiation from sunlight
  • Provides a beautiful appearance
  • Very high color fastness, won’t fade over their lifetime
  • Window heating effect is minimal
  • No maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Repel dust
  • The outer, colored layer does not flake or chip
  • RAL tested
  • Fire resistance

Resistance to Impact and Weather

PVC has properties that confer extreme weather tightness, resistance to impact and imperviousness to fungi and rot. This combination of PVC base below the acrylcolor coating proves formidable against weathering and impact challenges. The tough material is almost impervious to damage or denting.

At approximately 0.5mm in thickness, the acrylic layer is much thicker than the usual layer of varnish. However, in case of scratches, the layer of acrylic glass enables easy restoration to an unblemished surface. Scratches can simply be buffed out.

The durability of the colors is ensured by the acrylic glass coating which transmits the sun’s rays. However, most of the UV light penetrating the acrylic glass layer is reflected by the white PVC base. This helps prevent warping of the frame from the heat and prevents color fading.

The window frames are maintenance-free over their lifetime. They do not require repainting and they are easy to care for since the smooth, non-porous surface of the acrylic glass makes them easy to clean and the brushed finish effect prevents dust from accumulating.

Lamination of PVC Window and Door Profiles

Energy conservation objectives can be met with PVC frames in 70 mm while still permitting the use of modern colors in the manufacturing process. The 70mm strength PVC windows and door frames can be laminated in a wide range of colors or foil designs, both on the interior and exterior sides of the frames. In fact, the window design could incorporate a totally different color or finish for the interior side of the frame from that chosen for the exterior side.

There is a remarkably wide choice of colors and finishes for the designer or home-owner to suit any décor and a range of different finishes add to the versatility of these attractive building elements.

Finishes include:

  • Smooth, modern color spectrum
  • Natural wood-grain finishes
  • Modern metallic finishes

Windows coated with an authentic timber-look finish are ideal for farmhouse designs and rustic, rural type homesteads. They also work well with heritage buildings, providing that old-world glamor with quality, modern technology. Window frames laminated with a metallic-look finish gives the effect of aluminum or steel frames but with a great deal less maintenance.

Cutting Edge Energy Efficiency

PVC windows and doors provide unmatched protection from weather extremes and provide superior thermal insulation for year-round comfort. These superior features permit the application of these building elements in every climate zone on the planet. The interior of the building remains warm, dry and free of drafts in the colder seasons and stays cooler in the warmer months.

With up to a third of interior heating being lost through poorly-insulated window frames and single glazed windows, the option of PVC double glazing gives another layer of thermal protection. Double glazed uPVC windows and doors prevent heat loss, and consequently, greatly reduce heating bills.

Further benefits for the home-owner are improved acoustic insulation, which cuts out external noise transfer, and a decrease in condensation. These benefits add to the quality of life with a healthy interior atmosphere while a decreased household energy demand is good for the environment.

Furthermore, coupled with the excellent insulating properties of PVC windows and doors is the increased security provided, with a number of built-in protection features.

For even more thermal efficiency, the home-owner can enjoy substantial savings on their heating and energy bills by opting for triple glazing. Along with this choice come greater improvements in home security, soundproofing and maximum reduction in condensation.

Outstanding Fire Resistance

An important property of PVC-U frames is the way the material behaves in fires. It is difficult to ignite, with the temperature required for ignition much higher than what is needed for timber. This is due to its high chlorine content, which is a known flame retardant. The ‘flash ignition’ temperature for PVC-U is 400o whereas that for wood is only 210-270o.

The material has a low heat of combustion so it releases less heat when burning. Along with a low burning rate it also stops burning once the source of ignition is removed. These outstanding properties are important factors to help the prevention of fire spreading and contributes toward the reduction of fire that may attack buildings in high fire risk regions.


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