Premium Quality

Premium Quality

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  • German windows technology
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Great Prices, Fair for All

Great Prices, Fair for All

  • Great prices on premium windows? Yes.
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How They Open

How They Open

  • Thorough and healthy air exchange
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All Custom

All Custom

  • Custom sizes
  • 60 + window frame colors
  • 5 levels of Soundproofing
  • 5 levels of Sun Protection glazing

Black Windows, Great Black Window Frames Style, Pros & Cons

European widows and doors cost

We supply premium quality black windows and black trim windows for all of the USA and Canada. Our vinyl black windows with black window frames provide exceptional advantages such as modern athletic looks, high functionality, and top-grade performance and durability. The windows are made entirely custom to order. So, you can take action in creating the perfect black windows for your project. In addition to that, enjoy our budget friendly prices with top tier performance and style.

Custom Windows, German Windows

Black Windows need to have Premium Quality. Customers want to also have prices that are fair and friendly. Options for glazing and frame color are also important. However, there are pros and cons to black windows. Black windows add definition to a façade. They are often contrasted with lighter colors to heighten the effect. Interior black vinyl windows attract attention when paired with a light walls. Light or dark furniture can add to the style of the room as well. They succeed in transforming the space. Black window frames bring a sense of elegance and glamour. We offer 8 Black Color Options for Window Frames for the US and Canada.

Of course, everything depends on the homeowners preferences. Window prices might play a role here as well. But many designers recommend getting black casement windows. Especially if one wants to modernize the look of the building.

Black Windows, What You Need to Know

Black windows look amazing, but they have some big flaws. Because black windows absorb a lot of sun light, they heat up quite easily. Even on party cloudy days. This can lead to 2 major problems. One of the issues would be with the glazing and the other with the outside of the frame. After black windows are installed in even partially hot climates, side effects of the heat start to kick in. With the glazing, these could range from minor performance losses to sever thermal cracking. These troubles set in because of the difference in heat between the outside frame and glass unit. The black frames absorb a lot of heat while the glass unit just becomes warm to the touch, creating contrast in heat between the 2 surfaces. However, with vinyl frames, this contrast is much less severe than with metal frames.

The nest major problem is that black window frames can become very hot. This problem does not seriously affect vinyl or fiberglass windows, but it is a big issue with steel and aluminum windows. Steel and Al alloys on their own become hot in the sun because they retain the heat a lot better then say vinyl. However, when they are also yet painted black, they get even hotter. As such, when steel or Al is the window material, any small physical contact with the frame can lead to dangerous burns. Black aluminum windows can heat up to the point where the surface temperature on the frames exceeds 210 degrees F˚ (100 degrees C˚). Although aluminum has 4 times the thermal conductivity as steel, burns from black steel windows are still not a pretty sight.

The risk of injury with black steel and aluminum frames is high with black windows but it is even higher with black doors. Black metal entrance and patio doors can be a huge health hazard. While avoiding contact with windows can be done with caution, avoiding contact with most of a door is increasingly harder. Even small contact with black steel or Al entrance or patio doors can lead to burns almost instantly on sunny days.

So, when looking at black windows, it is very important to consider the side effects your climate can provoke. Many have their own opinions on black windows but what not many consider is their side effects. These side effects may develop rapidly or slowly over decades.

Black Windows are Trending in 2021

Black windows are trending in 2021 and are in great demand. Their ease of compatibility with so many styles and colors, as well as their modern look, is making them very popular. Black is a bold and very strong color with powerful visual effect. Black windows currently account for 50-70% of all colored window orders.

With all the demand, it is easy to say that black windows are trending in 2021. However, their popularity ranking changes quite a lot. Between popular and very popular, and back and forth. It is predicted black are going to be on trend for many years to come.

Black windows look elegant, modern, and stylish. However, this comes with a cost, black windows are more expensive than regular white frames. But, in terms of looks, they are worth it.

The upgrade from white to black window frames is quickly noticeable on any home. Especially if the frames are black and the walls are light. Black window frames indicate that the windows were more expensive and that the owner has good taste. It also prompts the feeling of owning more luxury windows for the owner.

Colored frames expand your options in terms of house styles. They are great for pretty much any house style. They are especially great for a modern or contemporary style. Black windows also allow for more options in terms of replacement windows. As such, they can be a great upgrade even to an older home.

Colored frames expand your options in terms of house styles. They are great for pretty much any house style. They are especially great for a modern or contemporary style. Black windows can also be a great upgrade even to an older home.

Black UPVC windows with or without grilles work great with many house styles including the honorable, farmhouse style. They are also wonderful for bedrooms.

Black Vinyl (Upvc) Windows Problems

There are 3 main black UPVC window problems. They are overheating, heat transfer to the glass unit, and color fading. Overheating can cause the frame to bulge out on the exterior side. The heat transfer from the frames to the glass unit can shorten the life span of the glass unit. But, fading can be prevented with the use of vinyl foil covered windows.

The biggest problem black upvc windows have is overheating which usually happens on sunny summer days. This causes a degrade in the structural integrity of the frames and glass unit. It can also cause the frame to bend outwards bulging out on the exterior side. If sever, overheating can cause thermal cracking. These are big issues and thus require complex solutions.

The easiest way to minimize these issues is to have the widest steel-core frame reinforcement, specially chosen glass units, and to use a upvc mix made custom for your project. It is also safer to not choose dark windows that are close to the largest size available. Usually 75% of the largest size should be the biggest size you get for best results and minimal any risks. It diminishes the overheating risks of the black frames and keeps them with higher durability.

Another big problem with black UPVC windows is heat transfer from the black frames to the glass unit. This occurs because the frames get hot. When they are heated up, their heat starts to transfer to the glass unit causing it to be hotter on the edges that in the center. This shortens the life span of the glass unit. However, if it is sever, the glass unit may go through thermal cracking. If it begins to do that, your windows may not serve for even a decade without a glass unit replacement.

Another problem black UPVC windows have is fading. This happens only to painted vinyl windows and only starts occurs after 2-6 years. However, this is not an issue with vinyl foil covered UPVC windows. These have a special vinyl panel that covers the exterior and or interior side. These do not have the problem of fading and last much longer than painted windows.

All depends on the quality of the product, paint, and quality of the painting job. If you have painted uPVC frames fading is unpreventable. This may offer after 5 – 8 – 10 years.

Why we use Max Steel Core UPVC for Black Windows

Vinyl is an optimal frame material. It allows for welded corners and the whole frame to act as one single piece. This greatly improves durability and increases thermal and comfort properties. However, for maximum durability of the frames, and extra-large sizes, this is not enough. Therefore, for our black vinyl (UPVC) windows, we use extra wide 1¾” steel core tubing in the frames. This makes the windows heavy to move around. But, it noticeably increases the structural strength and service life. It makes the frames up to 5 times stronger. It also gives us the ability to make charcoal colored UPVC windows very big without compromising on their frame strength.

Why We Use Vinyl Foil Wrap Technology and Not Paint

For black windows, there are 3 options to choose from. These are painted windows, gel coated ones, or vinyl foil covered ones. When looking at painted windows, although they are most common and relatively mainstream, they are not the best option. This is because of color dulling over time. With painted windows, the color can start to fade and become dull in several years. There is the same issue is with gel coated windows.

The surface develops small cracks, and the finish loses its shine and becomes dull. However, with vinyl foil wrapped windows or colored vinyl, these difficulties are not a big concern. This is because there is a thin layer of colored vinyl around the frame. Because the ink is mixed into the UPVC the shine may dim a bit but in only 10+ years time.

Our solution is to use this colored vinyl wrap technology. It not only avoids mostly all color issues, but it also ensures that you are getting the color that you want to remain the same for many many years while paying the same amount as you would for painted windows.

Our solution is to use this colored vinyl wrap technology. It not only avoids mostly all color issues, but it also ensures that you are getting the color that you want to remain the same for many years while paying the same amount as you would for painted windows.

Our Windows Colors Black and White

About 90% of window are either black or white. But there are a lot of shades of both black and white, so there is in reality a lot to choose from. Using this as an advantage, you can create a personalized style with customizable black and white windows. However, it is important to know that options other than default white will cost more.

We offer a variety in selection of different black color options for homeowners and future home owners. The following is our variety list of color options for black windows and white windows.

Schwarzbraun – RAL 8518-05

This is our regular black window color option. Although the name might suggest a brown tint, this is a bold, black color without any tints. This is the conventional GL Advanced Windows black.

Schwarzbraun glatt – 7021

Schwarzbraun glatt is a very interesting black window color option. It is an obvious black under quick glance and in the shad. But, under the sun light, you can see the small color deviations. This color could resemble a dark navy and grey mix and for others it could look live a mat seaweed green in a dark tone.

Monumente grun – 9925-05

This color option is definitely in a modern style. The color looks black, but you can still see the tilt of a dark green in shades of dark green juniper or dark green emerald. However, in the shade, it more closely resembles a dirty bronze green with a black overall tone. Monumente grun or RAL 9925-05, is a solid option for any designer or architect.

Schwarzblau – 5004-05

This color is a variation of black with a dark blue tint. Although it might look just like plane black in the shadow, in the sun light, you can see a color blend of dark blue and black or navy and prussian blue. Overall, with the right style, this color is a great one for those with a creative approach as it has a lot of potential.

AcrylColor Black – RAL 8518

This is our regular black window Acryl-color option. This is a bold, black color without any tints.

Signal White – 9016

This is our default color option as it is just the color of the UPVC profiles that we use. The color is a modern and bold white without any color tints. This color is given automatically without an additional charge.

Reinwiel / Pure White – 9010

This color is a plain pure white. It is not a very bright and cold white. Instead, it is a little bit of a warmer white. This color also comes in 2 types of textures. One it is natural white wood grain kind of look. The other has a more streamline downwards line pattern.

Brillantweiss – 9016

This is a great white color option for those looking for a unique white window look. It has the texture pattern of small vertical lines grouped in sections. The color itself is a plain cold white. Not very showy but an improvement from the standard.

Special Black Colors for Hot Climates

Thse are very special colors as they are suitable for hot climates. Unlike the regular black version, these EXOFOL FX foil s are able to be used in a hot climate due to their formula that is more thermally stable and less heat absorbing. The top layer consists of a polyvinylidene fluoride film (PVDF). The second layer consists of transparent polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and the base layer is a solid color PMMA with Sun Shield Technology (SST), to decrease heat build-up of the film and the black laminated windows components.

black windows foils structure for Hot climate

Anthrazitgrau / Anthracite grey – 7016

RAL 7016 or Anthrazitgrau is our anthracite black window color option. Anthracite color is essentially black but in reality it is more like a dark pastel grey in that it is a soft dark grey that almost looks like pastel black. Anthracite is a classic and yet modern black window color option with a lot of style possibilities.

Ash C-35N Glatt / Ash C-35N Smooth
On the regular, you can describe this color as one that is in-between anthracite grey and a deep black. Under bright light, this color looks more like a dark gray rather than a true black. However, if it is under a shadow, it is hard to distinguish it from a bold black color.

Schwarz Glatt 2N/ Smooth Black 2N
This color is most similar to a pastel black as it is bold but also soft. Under lots of light, you might be able to see this as a soft dark grey. Under the shadow, it is just black.

Black Colors for Black Window Frames in the Hot Climates

Black Window Looks And Styles

Industrial Look

An industrial look can be easily achieved with strong colored frames such as black vinyl window frames. The industrial-style builds most commonly uses tall and narrow windows with strong dark window frames. As such, black windows work perfectly for this style. These windows are also notably great for the style in factories.

Modern and Contemporary Look

Modern and contemporary projects are characterized by bold pieces such as large charcoal-colored windows, high contrasting colors, and strong geometric shapes. As such, black windows are perfect for designing the modern home of your dreams. They easily create high contrast when paired with white, and other light colors like gray, both of which are very common in modern and contemporary styles.

Black and other dark colors are very dominant. This creates the effect of sharp edges and strong shapes.

Considering all of these factors, it is not surprising that black windows are very common in modern and contemporary style builds. Many have thoughts about designing a modern house for themselves with strong black windows and black patio doors. However, because of their dominance, they need to be used carefully, as to not be become too overpowering. If they are overpowering, they may ruin their appeal. Creating an uncomfortable living environment in any room.

Great in Kitchens

Black windows look and feel great in kitchens. Especially if they are big and preferably without grids and grilles and other dividers as to not distract from the view. If the black windows are bigger than the standard kitchen window size (larger than 30×30” or 36×36”), they tend to work better and make the kitchen feel more comfortable to work and be in. This increases the value and appeal of the kitchen. Big black frame windows can also be used to accent the cabinets and give you the inspiration to make the kitchen look Pinterest worthy.

Great in Dining Rooms

Dinging rooms are usually more socially active areas in houses. As such, they need to have a comfortable environment. One of the best ways to do this is by having large black framed windows. Large coal colored windows can make almost any space feel more comfortable and look much better. However, it is important to make sure they would not look too overpowering. This may be a problem if the house already has large dominating pieces.

If the windows are going to be large, dark colored frames can blend in and be unnoticeable when you are using the window. Instead of having the window frames as perimeter, it would look like the edges of the glass are the perimeter, when looking through the window. This creates a wonderful viewing experience.

Considering this, it is important to choose the right window frame color. White can be a good option, but it is not always going to be the best. Colored frames, such as black, can provide you with more options. This is very useful for dining rooms because the choices you make for windows there are easily noticed and influence the look of the whole dining room and its cabinets. If this is done right, it will make the room look bigger, more expensive, and much trendier and more valuable.

Farmhouse kind of look

The farmhouse look is a great style for black windows. The bold black frames suit the farmhouse style perfectly and give inspiration for customization. Farmhouse styles are quite popular in some places and as such, farmhouse windows are under demand. Black windows are very popular for their simplistic nature and strong look. So, using black windows for this style you can get great results.

A modern farmhouse is definitely a great choice for those who what something unique. Modern farmhouse home design with black exterior windows can look great.

Bedroom Inspiration

Bedrooms are key aspects of any house and many have thoughts on how to design their rooms at first instance. As such, bedroom windows play a big part in creating a positive surrounding. Big black frame windows are great for the Pinterest-kind inspirational bedroom style. They are bold and classic but can make any space like a bedroom look more modern and trendy.

The Modern Living Room

The way your living room looks plays a big role on your satisfaction of it. As such, it is important to choose the right windows for it as they are a key part of the overall room impression. If you have light colored walls, choosing black windows will make your living room look more modern and stylish. If you have darker colored walls, in your living room, you can create a more monotone look with black windows. However, black windows are not always black on the interior side. They can be ordered and usually are ordered in white or another color like wood for the interior side while keeping just the exterior side black.

Traditional Style Home

There are many new style homes, however, the traditional style home is still popular. Traditional styles most commonly have interiors and exteriors in light colors. On the inside, there are usually light colored walls and on the outside, white exterior windows, sometimes with white trims. The light colored walls help soften the atmosphere inside and out while the white exterior windows with a white trim provide you with a classic look. As such, a black exterior is not a very popular choice for both interiors and exteriors of traditional style homes. A black exterior is also not the most practical choice. This is because the cooling costs for it in the summer are higher than the savings you get on heating because of the black exterior in the winter. However, the modern air to air heat pump system has 3 – 4 times lower heating cost than the traditional force air electric furnace.

Are Black Window Frames More Expensive?

Black window frames are more expensive than white window frames by 10-16%, just like all other color window frame options. They are more expensive, but they give a big upgrade to any house because black window frames have a more premium look. This can add curb appeal and create a more visually aesthetic look.

There are 3 main types of black window frames. One where the whole profile is colored black. One where the profile is white but painted black on the outside and or inside. As well as one which uses a special color foil on one or both sides of the frame over the white profile base.

White windows painted black is common. However, the initial look doesn’t last very long because the paint starts to fade in 3-6 years.

The option where the whole profile is colored black has some cons too, mainly overheating and loss in structural strength. This is much more prominent with black than other colors. Some suppliers don’t even make these because they are so unreliable.

The final option uses special vinyl as a foil covering on top of the upvc main profile. This foil is pigmented strongly into any color of your choosing. For black window frames, it would be black. This option is optimal as it does not fade and lasts for far longer than painted windows.

Custom Sizing for Black Windows

We offer custom sizing on our black windows to all our customers for a fee of $0.00. This feature allows you to design more personalized creations. With custom sizes, you are free of the limitations of standard sizes and have inspiration to make them unique. Take advantage of the custom sizing by ordering modern black windows in huge sizes custom to your project. Custom sizing can also be great for adjusting to small sizing mistakes that might have been made in the rough opening stage. Get sizes such as 33″ by 59″, 22″ by 88″, 55″ by 68″, and any other sizes you can think of. Our window sizes are pretty flexible, but they do have a maximum size.

The maximum sizes for black picture windows is 7′ by 9′. The maximum size for our double action operable dark colored windows is 4′ by 8′. However, the size is not the only limitation. If you are ordering very thick windows, the hardware posses some limitations. Our regular hardware limits the weight of the operable sash to 220 Lb and our special hardware allows the windows to be up to 300 Lbs.

In addition to custom sizing, you can also order windows with custom shapes. Trapezoid windows. arched windows, and many more options are available.

Black Windows Require Specialized Performance Properties

Black windows have many variables that need to be considered. Variables such the location, climate, and window size. These all play a large role in determining the special properties the windows should have. These specific properties should then be accounted for in the design process. For example, hot regions need sun protection glazing. Another would be to include sound protection for areas near construction sites.

We can figure them out what properties your windows should have. Using this information, we can design the most optimal products for your specific case. We take into account aspects such as the location of your project. As well as the sun movements in your district, surrounding noise sources, and local weather conditions. The cardinal window placement, and of course your design preferences are also all taken into account.

Black Windows are Like Rocket Science in the Realm of Windows

Black windows have many issues as it relates to over heating. In sunny days, the black frames absorb tons of sunlight and heat up very quickly. This leads to many problems and variables that need to be considered when designing and planning out in thoughts.

The bigger the black windows are the more pressure they will experience. The frames hold the glass unit stable. So, the larger they become, the stronger the frames need to be. With black windows, this becomes even more crucial because the black frames heat up. This is because the vinyl to starts to lose its structural strength when heated. We use wide steel core frame reinforcement to prevent a loss in structural strength. As well as for maximum overall durability. However, the side effects of black windows can not be fully prevented with just steel core framing.

For hot climates (over 100 degrees F), we have a high-temperature upvc formula that allows the windows to be more resistant to melting and softening. However, this need to be specified before hand as an order with this special formula would require an additional 3 weeks of lead time. charcoal colored Windows with this special upvc are also not to be used in areas that dip below -30 degrees F (-35 degrees C).

Black Window Materials Pros, Cons, and How It Compares to Vinyl


Fiberglass is a good material because of its durable nature. However, it has several drawbacks. First and foremost is its corners. Because fiberglass frames are epoxy glued together at the joints, they become a structure weak point. When the house starts to shift, instead of flexing a bit to compensate for it like with vinyl, black fiberglass windows will remain ridge. At first, it may seem like a good feature but considering the weak corners, there comes some complications. Due to physics, the house shift force would rest on the support of the corners, which with the case of black fiberglass windows, happens to be the weak spots. Although this might not be an issue at first, down the line, it may.

Another aspect is the price. Black fiberglass windows are more expensive than vinyl or vinyl with steel core black windows. This increase is usually 20% – 30%. Although with small windows it might not be a much larger sum overall, with larger orders, you need to know why to pay that 20 – 30% more.

Another aspect is with the color. Black gel coated fiberglass windows become dull in color over time. This happens in spots all around the outside. The black color also provokes glazing damage. This can range from minor performance loses all the way to critical thermal cracking. However, because fiberglass is 3 times as thermally conductive as vinyl, in even partially hot regions, results may steer towards the latter.


Black aluminum and Al clad windows are not the best option. Although aluminum windows are strong and rust free, they are also expensive, risky, and offer unbalanced performance.

Starting with the price, you can aspect aluminum windows to run you 20% – 40% more than vinyl ones. Although it is a marginal increase, you are getting a few benefits. These are the ability to have architectural glazing, large sizes, and light weight. However, black light alloy metal windows have their risks.

First is overheating. Due to the nature of aluminum, it heats up very easily and retains heat very well. When that is combined with the effect the color black gives, you can understand why to never touch black aluminum windows. This risk of a serious burn is not the only downside, however. The other downside is the issues it reflects on the glazing. Because the glass gets warm and the frames get very hot, it creates a thermal contract. So, with black aluminum windows, you are running the risk for thermal cracking every sunny day.

Another problem this gives to is the overheating of the gel that connects the glass unit to the frame. This is caused by the frames heating up the plastic thermal break core in the middle of the frame. This prosses and its effects can significantly reduce the service life of the glass unit (up to a decade). Although these areas might not always be stressed to the limit, if you live in even a partially hot climate, they are definitely all something to consider.

Wood (Painted)

Soft wood such as fir, pine, and spruce are very traditional window materials. As such, there pros and cons are well known. The main disadvantage black wooden windows have is high maintenance and varying performance results. Wood can also be come a food resource for some insects. Fading can be another issue as well. Al clad is sometimes used with wooden windows to reduce how much keep-up is required. However, due to the difficulties of aluminum, one issue might be reduced but others rise. 

At first, only bold designers were confident enough to use black frame windows. Emphasize on the actual window frame went against accepted convention. Dark windows add definition to a façade. They are often contrasted with lighter colors to heighten the effect.


Are Black Windows A Trend?

Black windows are a huge trend as of the last 10 years. Black windows have transitioned into being used for modern builds in the industrial style. In 19th century, they were used in industrial buildings. But, today, it is a trend to style modern buildings with black windows. The strong bold color of black windows has been favoured by many.

At first, only bold designers were confident enough to use black frame windows. Emphasize on the actual window frame went against accepted convention.

Black frames windows are considered to be a very good style choice for any homeowner. They have been popular on the market for many years now. Black windows are favored for their minimalist modern design and for their versatile bold color. We offer windows in 6 black color options.

We have 2 types of black windows. Regular vinyl black windows and Acryl-Color black windows. Acryl-Color combines the benefits of a premium window frame finish with extreme strength and long service life. Our Acryl-Color black windows will last for 100+ years and stand up well to even harsh weather conditions.

To make your black UPVC windows black and white, you can order them to be black of the exterior and white of the interior. Same thing goes for any other color.  

Textures For Black Windows

Texture in black UPVC windows, door UPVC frames, and patio doors is important. It can influence the look of the windows and or doors quite a lot. If chosen properly, dark textured frames can indicate thought-out design work and a more sophisticated taste. As well as create an interesting first imprecation. We offer 3 types of textures for black windows and doors. They are our dark wood grain vinyl foil, Acryl-Color solid mat black, and grainy black finish. These unique options are great for those who seek textured finishes. They are also great for farmhouse styles and bedroom window exteriors.

Black windows and patio doors are very versatile. They work with almost any house style from old fashioned to high-tech and modern. Their black color and sleek appearance make them the perfect style choice for large office buildings, residential homes, private builds, contemporary projects, and many more. Although this is a great bonus, black windows that are also black on the inside are a different case. Although it can look good, it is a very bold move, especially for bedrooms. At first it will look good but overtime, it might become an overpowering feature.

Relative Heat Gain for Large Black Windows

Relative heat gain refers to the degree of how well a window can resist heat gain or loss into or from the inside of a room. This term takes into account two ways a window transmits heat gain or loss. One of these two ways is through solar heat gain. Solar heat gain is heat that is transferred through sunlight from the outside, inside. The other way a window transmits heat is through conductive heat gain. Conductive heat gain happens through the transfer of heat between the window itself and the inside. For example, on a hot and sunny day, solar heat gain would be through sunlight passing through the window. Meanwhile, conductive heat gain would be through the transfer of heat from the warm glass unit to the room. On the other hand, if it is cold and dark outside, there would be little solar heat transfer. Nonetheless, the cold glass unit would take away warmth from the inside of the room.

With large black windows, there is a special need for considering conductive heat gain. Such is the case due to the black frames heating up the glass unit more than standard white frames. As such, the conductive heat gain factor would be higher. In some cases, much higher, depending on the location.

Taking all the prior into account, it is easy to understand that your windows can have a big effect on the climate inside your house. As such, it is wise to pay close attention to the relative heat gain score. This is especially the case with large black windows. Although with small windows you can get away with not prioritizing low relative heat gain, it is not so with big windows. This is because poor consideration of the relative heat gain score for large black windows would result in very unstable maintenance of the indoor climate. Meanwhile, paying high attention to receiving low relative heat gain windows can benefit you greatly. Benefits would include increased comfort, stable indoor temperatures, and longer window lifespan. As such, we do our best to optimize the glazing for all your projects to give you the lowest relative heat gain. We take into account all the factors of each project and come up with a solution that is best for each individual window.

Black Windows Work Well in Any Style

Our black windows are available with a large selection of customization features. We have everything be up to the customer. From the size to different shapes to different performance upgrade options. Many combinations are possible when you take advantage of these features.

Custom shapes and sizes

All our windows are in custom sizing and can be ordered in custom shapes. This means that all sizes and shapes can be tuned to your liking. Due to our wide size and shape possibilities, you can really make your house custom. It also gives you more design freedom for exteriors and interiors. All these options are available at no extra cost, so no need to limit yourself with basic sizes and shape configurations.

Custom upgrades

Although size, shape, and style play a large role in how much you like the windows, performance is important too. Choosing our windows with customizable performance variables, you are able to get windows that not only look great but ones that will also be reliable and with high effectiveness. With our levels in soundproofing and sun protection black window packages, we are able to provide you with optimized performance based on your location, coordinal placement, and your local climate and weather conditions. These options are also on top of our increased energy efficiency (insulation). Meaning, you will not only get optimized performance but save on energy bills as well. Its effectiveness has been shown to be very beneficial for many.

Specific Details

When people think about adjusting window properties, most think of just adjusting the size through the standard size system. However, much more is available with GL Advanced Windows. With us, everything is custom down to even specific details. Be it with the glazing, style, or frame, everything can be micro adjusted.

Focal Point of Any Room

Black framed windows are a focal point in any room. They are dominant and thus attract lots of attention to themselves. This is especially true if they have grids, dividers, are very large in size, or use large heavy curtains and or blinds. However, because they are such a dominant piece, a room using them should not have other highly dominant items. For example, if a room large a big black window with large heavy dark curtains, it should not have a large dark picture or large valises. Instead, if black windows are used, the rest of the items in the room should compliment them and the style, embrace them.

Following a gradual dominance hierarchy can creates a balanced and harmonized overall look and feel. By adjusting the number of grids and other dividers, you can control the dominance of the black windows. This can also be done by adding curtains, blinds, or drapes, thereby increasing its dominance. In general, though, black windows are wonderful in style for bedrooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms. However, they need to be used carefully because they can be overpowering.

Black Windows can Set Different Moods

Black windows can be used to set different moods easily. Their tendency to match almost everything set them apart from other coloured frames and grants them a huge advantage. For example, in a sunny warm summer day, the windows can be left open with very limited treatments. It can set a motivating and modern atmosphere. Perfect for a productive or entertainment filled day. On the other hand, if it is a dark and rainy day, large heavy and preferably warm coloured curtains or drapes can be used to close the window up. This eliminates the view of a depressing scene and provides a cozy and comfortable environment inside.

The Cage Effect

What is the cage effect?

The cage effect is when windows in a room have too many grids and grilles that divide the window into multiple squares. This is also sometimes done with mullions or muntins. This design choice usually makes the room look like a cage, and thus is named after it. Grids and grilles are not always going to make windows look bad. But, in most cases, they tend to ruin the unobstructed view, comfort, and visual appeal of the whole room.

This is especially true when it comes to black windows because they look best left untouched without treatments and without view obstructing features like grills. The black frames when combined with black grids, or other dividers, also worsen the effect because of the dominate and bold black color. This makes them stand out much more and thus increase the potency of the cage effect. The cage effect with black grilles can be made for both interiors and the exterior. Common places with a cage effect can include bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and bathrooms.

The Cage Effect in the Long Term

The cage effect is very quickly noticeable and gets worse in the years to come. Caged windows can make you feel trapped inside your own house. It also blocks you from an unobstructed view which greatly lowers your comfort levels and makes the windows look ugly in the majority of cases. They also make it harder to sell the house later if you are planning to do that, as this feature is not appealing for most customers. This feature is not always a fault of the homeowner. In fact, in most cases, it is a fault of the designers or architects as they tend to over use window view separating features.

How to Prevent and Avoid the Cage Effect

The easiest way to prevent the cage effect is to not have grilles , mullions, or muntins at all. However, sometimes a few of these options may only benefit the look and provide comfort. However, it can still be easy to go overboard. So, it is important to be mindful of the outcome and risks involved if choosing grids and grilles , mullions, or muntins. If grilles or dividers are planned to be used, it is a safe route to use layouts that don’t involve splitting the window into squares and use ideally less than 3-4 strips. The cage effect is a prime example of how people end up with a worse look for more money.

Black windows are Great for Bathrooms

Black windows are a great addition to any bathroom. Windows in bathrooms are needed for fast ventilation and natural lighting. If the location of the bathroom can allow for a large window without not compromising on privacy, it is always a good idea to have the dark window be bigger. Large charcoal framed windows let in lots of natural light which further increase the visual appeal. As such, they provide a more pleasant experience. However, white frames may not always look best.

Black is the most common frame color (other than white) and for a good reason. It matches almost any décor and house style exteriors and interiors. Black window frames can highlight several features already implemented in the washroom. Features such as the furniture, bathroom equipment, and bath products on display such as towels, plants, and other décor. Counter tops, cabinets, cabinet handles, taps, and frames around mirrors, can all be picked out to match or compliment the black window frames as well. This creates a sleek and modern appearance, perfect for almost any washroom. If the black windows are also large, it can be another style bonus.

Do Black Colored Window Frames Fade?

Black painted vinyl window frames start to fade in 3-5 years. This is 2-3 times faster that light colored frames. Vinyl foil covered black windows don’t fade at all. Painted aluminum black colored window frames don’t fade as quickly as painted vinyl and may have AAMA ratings 2603 – 2605. These help determine the service life of the paint coating.

With painted UPVC colored window frames, fading is unpreventable. This may occur after 3-5 years with black windows. How long it takes for the paint to fade depends on the quality of the product, paint, and quality of the painting job.

We use colored vinyl foil which does not require paint and provides much longer lasting results. This allows us to prevent fading altogether We also have an Acrylcolor option. This is highly premium option which last for 70+ years. 

With painted Al windows, you can check the AAMA rating. This rating determines the service life of the painted coating. With metal windows, it is always best to have an AAMA rating of 2605.

Dark windows add definition to a façade. They are often contrasted with lighter colors to heighten the effect.

Are Black Window Frames Black on the Inside Too?

Black window frames are usually black on the part that is visible on the exterior and white on the other side. However, black window frames can be ordered in black in both sides. In addition to black on the inside, black window frames can be ordered with white or any other of our colored as the interior side color. When choosing black, there are several shades available and different shades of black can be picked for different window frame sizes. Black window frames are available as a replacement option as well.

Big Black Framed Windows can Increase your Curb Appeal

Black windows increase the curb appeal very easily for both the interiors and exteriors. Because black windows work very will in almost any inspirational style, they are like a universal style option. Upgrading from white windows with black replacement windows can also be a great way to increase curb appeal. Another aspect you can implement for more curb appeal is to have the black windows be big. Large black windows let in more light as well. This increases comfort and the look of the interior, leading to even more curb appeal down the road. Big bedroom windows with black frames inspire the growth of curb appeal as well. With the increased curb appeal, you have another leverage tool to help your sell your house in the future as it adds to your house value.

Black Windows And Privacy Concerns

At first, it may seem like black windows are more private. However, if left open and the lights inside are on, people can easily see inside the house. This is especially true if the sun has or almost set.
The privacy of black windows is determined by 2 factors. The glazing and the treatments. The glazing can be more private if the glass is tinted. However, this should not be done on black windows as it can cause over heating. There are other alternatives for private glazing. These include obscure glazing, mirror-like privacy glazing, and smooth mat glazing. These can be great, however they are not always necessary for privacy.

Window treatments are an easier way to get privacy inside and an interesting style for the exteriors. Although dark windows look best without treatments, blinds are easy to get around. They provide lots of privacy and can be easily operated. The more unnoticeable, the better. Large black windows may require curtains. However, large black windows and curtains can be overpowering. Another option for more privacy with black windows, is to opt for high reflection glazing. This looks great with black windows and very effective in the daytime. But, at night, the glass may look like a mirror. This can be preventable though, by the use of blinds or curtains.

The Geographical Limitation For Black Framed Windows

Because black absorbs a lot of sunlight, black windows get quite hot. This would only be a problem of a hot surface if it weren’t for the contrast in heat between the frame and the glass. However, this contrast does exist and the more of it, the more risks you take of thermal cracking and performance loses. So, in order to minimize this contrast, it is important to understand if you can safely get black windows at all. This would be primarily based on your climate and region. As a rule of thumb, hot climates are almost always out of the question while cooler climates require more specific data.

Black Vinyl Windows for a Hot Climate

Load Bearing UPVC window frames can handle tempters of (-70) – (+75) degrees Celsius. This is the temperature limitation of UPVC. However, some areas have extreme weather conditions. These places may be very hot and some quite cold.

Even though the outdoor temperature may not reach the thermal limit of UPVC, the extreme temperature may cause the frames to over heat or freeze. This is if they are subjected to it for a longer period of time. This is unavoidable as windows are usually installed inside walls. With black windows, overheating is a much bigger concern than with other colors. As such, it is important to make sure that your dark windows can handle your climate.

For hot climate areas, we developed a specially modified UPVC formula unique to black window frames. This special UPVC mix can withstand tempters of (-45) – (+105) degrees Celsius.

Critical heat zone for Vinyl windows

Black framed windows can not be used in northern Nevada, southern Idaho and south-east Oregon. In areas around Death Valley, even white framed windows are not recommended as it is too hot there for UPVC windows. Manufactures and supplies all need to know this and some do but even those who do know, may ignore it and not inform customers of these issues. So, if choosing from suppliers or manufactures, you need to consider this.

Black Windows, Hot Climate Solutions

If you live in a hot climate zone such as in or closely near the critical heat zone of UPVC, it may be best to choose non-UPVC windows. This leaves you with 3 main options for the frames. Wood, steel, or aluminum. For the glass, it is best to go for single panes instead of glass units. This is because when glass units are used in very hot climates, many issues occur.

Wood frames
A variety of light in color wooden frames such as oak, may be a good option if you are considering wood frames. But, darker woods such as black wood may be a huge mistake depending on your location. In some areas, it is so hot that the wood may start to become extremely dry. There is also the possibility of the dark wood catching on fire. This can happen if they are used in a city and the reflection from one of the skyscrapers’ windows hits the frames.

Steel frames
There is a large verity of steel frame options, but there are not many interested in these. However, these may be good option for some and have recommendations as fire resistant windows. However, steel can get quite hot and is very heavy. This may limit you with comfort and size options.

Aluminum frames
For more info about these frames, reference other another text about hot climates, black windows, and aluminum window frames.

Are Black Windows More Expensive?

Yes, black windows are more expensive than white windows. Black windows cost 10-15% more. But, because black windows are a popular trend in construction and décor, some ask for 20-25% more for them. However, if the price increase fits your budget, black windows can be aesthetically worth it.

The higher price, without installation, can make people doubt if colored windows are worth it. But such upgrade would increase the value of the house as well as its looks. It can be a wise combination choice for a long-term investment for the good looks. However, it is very important to make sure that the black windows are of high quality and able to handle the heat. Because black windows are so sensitive to overheating, the glass unit should be thoroughly inspected and the frame reinforced with extra wide steel core tubing.

The glass unit should have a proper level of sun protection. This is especially true if you find that an offer is going around for cheap black windows. Not all cheap black windows are bad but some cheap black windows tend to use hot melt seals and poor quality glazing without sun protection and Low-E glass coatings which are crucial for black windows. As such, cheap black windows are unpredictable. They may be good; they may be bad.

We don’t offer painted windows that start to fade in 3-5 years. Instead, our windows use a colored vinyl foil that will preserve its appeal and fresh look for 20+ years. Acryl-Color coverage will serve for over 70 years. Black window prices will vary depending on the type of color of the coverage customers chooses.

Black window instillation cost is not more than with other windows as the builder/contractor installing charge would be equal.

Are Black Vinyl Windows Reliable

This highly depends on the quality of the product and if it has been properly engineered. If yes, they are reliable, if no, they are not. This a very sensitive aspect with black vinyl windows.  If they are not properly designed, not of high quality, and don’t use wide steel core frame reinforcement, warm/hot sunny days will cause the black frames to overheat. This creates difficulties, mainly thermal cracking.

But, if the vendor understands the risks of black framed vinyl windows, and does their best to produce products that are highly resistant to over heating, remain thermally stable, and incorporate wide steel core frame reinforcement, their items will last you long and serve well. They are also reliable in the sense of style for both interiors and exteriors.

Many people ask: “Are black windows more expensive than white windows?”.
The answer to that is “yes”. The cost for windows that have color foil on one side would increase by 10-11%.
Black windows have proven to be a major trend for a long time. The demand for dark frames does not seem to fall.

Black Replacement Windows

When looking for replacement windows, there are 2 main options to consider. These are special replacement windows and just regular ones. Specially made black windows for replacement have some advantages over using regular black windows for the same purpose. However, they are slightly more expensive. As with any window used to replace another, there are issues with the seal.

Because new black windows would be installed differently if they are used to replace other windows, the seal can not be made perfectly unlike with the first time. As such, installers fill the gaps with silicone. This helps in most cases but with black replacement windows, there are some difficulties. Because the frames heat up, the silicone may start to soften or even melt. This kind of issue leads to both air and water leakages.

Are Black Windows Black on the Inside?

Black windows can be ordered either black on the inside, white or any other of our 60+ colors. Black windows that are black on the inside are one of the best choices for a new build or modern renovation project. It can look contemporary and expensive in the interior.

Our windows are not painted. Instead, we have a vinyl foil system. This eliminates the problem of fading but rather keeps the colour on for many years longer. This prolongs the new look for longer even if it already not new. We have several of both warm and cold black color options. If you are looking for a visually expensive black wood windows, we have that too. But, instead of charging 4 figures for real black wood, we have a vinyl color options that can make it look like real black wood.

Black windows can be ordered with any of your 60+ color variety to be on the inside. By standard the inside of black window frames is white. To change the color on the inside to any other color (or real wood colors) for only about 10% more.

Black windows can be ordered with any of your 60+ colors to be on the inside. By standard the inside of black window frames is white.

Are black doors in style?

Much like black windows, black doors are in style. But not just that, they are a huge trend in modern and contemporary projects. They became a new neutral color. Black doors are a bold statement that elevates the style of any place and can make the whole house look expensive. This trend is expected to continue for many years.

Black doors are always noticed and can be a huge selling point. High quality black doors look modern, clean, and very attractive. In addition to being widely used for modern projects, black doors are great for regular projects too. In fact, black doors and black patio doors suit many styles and work well both for small and huge projects. As of this, they became a huge trend in the 21st century. By best predictions, black entrance and patio doors are going to be in style for many years to come.

Black entrance and patio doors are great. However, in the summer and in hot climates, generally, they will get quite hot to the touch. As such, it is important to make sure you get doors and patio doors that will be safe to use even in the summer. The handle is especially important in that regard. Patio doors usually lead to a porch or deck. So, if you have a good looking porch, it is important to get a good patio door for the porch.

Can You Get Black Vinyl Windows for My House?

Yes, you can. Black vinyl windows come for new construction projects and as replacement windows. However, this depends on the region you live in. For some areas black vinyl windows are not advised, in some they are perfectly acceptable, and in others prohibited. More information can be found farther up on the page under heading: The geographical and thermal limitation of black framed windows.

Style preference is a very personal thing. Black doors are a very stylish product and suit many homes. If you like the look of black doors, it is a good idea to consider purchasing them for your home regardless if it is in the public’s eyes it is viewed as stylish.

Black window installation

Black window installation is not much different from white window installation. The only difference between the 2 is that for black window installation, you need a larger gap between the outside of the frame and the inside of the rough opening. This gap with black windows should be 1 ¼“ to 1 ½”, depending on the size of the window. The larger gap is needed to account for the expanding of the vinyl which is more prominent with dark windows. Other than that, installation is quite easy and simple for the builders/contractors doing the installation. The cost for installing them is same as with other windows.

Style preference is a very personal thing. Black doors are a very stylish product and suit many homes. If you like the look of black doors, it is a good idea to consider purchasing them for your home regardless if it is in the public’s eyes it is viewed as stylish.

Are black window frames a fad?

To call black window frames a fad would be incorrect. They are a trend and will continue to stay as one for many years to come. Although first used for warehouses and factories in the 19th century, they have become the go to option for high-end projects and contemporary style designers as bold statement pieces.

Black custom windows are popular and not a fad because they are unique and look modern. However, what is generally unique may not be so in your local area. If black windows are commonly used in your district, they may not be considered a specialty item. In terms of demand and popularity of black windows, it would be best to talk to a local real-estate agent to get results that are specific to you local region.

If you are planning on having black windows, it is important to make sure that they suit your house. If they don’t, it might not an style advantage, like it usually is with black window frames, but instead a downgrade. This can determine if it looks trendy or not.

If your black window frames are painted, do not expect to retain the color for long. In just a few years, your black window frames will start to fade. This ruins the look of black windows, making the style-orientated purchase short lived. To avoid this entirely, it is best to use vinyl foil covered black window frames. These never fade and retain their bold black color for far longer than any painted window frames can. Fortunately, with us, all our windows and doors have vinyl foil.

In addition to this, you have over 60 colors to choose for your window and door frames. 5 of those options are black. So, not only can you get black windows that won’t fade but have 5 options for the shade of black too. If you want an even longer lasting option, we have window frames from the Acryl-color program. These windows last over 60 years, never fade, and hold up great against strong weather.

o call black windows a fad is incorrect, black window frames have been popular for many years (roughly 100 years).

Upvc Windows That Look Like Wood

Our UPVC window line up has vinyl foil finishes in 20 real-wood grain colors. These look like real wood but out preform real wood. They also add that modern aesthetic while providing worry free performance. They also do not fade like painted windows. So, you can retain that brand-new wood frame look very easily.

Our UPVC windows look like new wooden ones but without all the downsides of actual wood frames. Real wood frames can rot, deteriorate fast, turn black, and are generally less structurally secure and lack good performance. But, they look good when they are new. So get the best of the look but none of the downsides of real wood, we use our vinyl foil system. They can be used in new projects such as modern homes as well as in older ones as to replace real wooden windows maintaining a similar look. They perform and look great in any weather condition and in almost any climate. As long as it is not too hot (above 40 – 45˚ C , 105 – 115˚ F). In addition to that, they do not require complicated maintenance that takes many hours. Instead, enjoy their high functionality, stylish look, and effortless performance.

Black Grid Windows

Black window grids and grilles are mainly used black framed. But, they are sometimes also used with white or other colored window frames. Black grinds suit many styles of homes and look great. But they might not always be the right choice. Sometimes, they simply don’t match the style, take up too much window space, and or may even overheat causing thermal cracking. Window grids and grilles come in many thicknesses but for black grids and grilles, narrow ones are the best choice. They make the final product look more refined.

The glass around the grids and grilles should also be stronger than normal and properly designed for the use black grilles. They should also not be used in homes located higher than 3000 feet (0.91 km) off of sea level. This is because black grids and grilles can overheat the gas inside the glass unit and thus increase the pressure. Low pressurized glass units can be bought for high elevation projects, but they are expensive.


We offer 60+ color options from classic traffic white (RAL 9016) to silver, bronze, blacks, grays, browns, reds, blues, greens and a lot of premium real wood colors as to offer a variety of options to suit any style of home.

Do black fiberglass windows fade?

Fiberglass window profiles exist in two types. Painted and gel coated. Both finishes fade but painted fiberglass windows last 5-10 years while gel coated ones last 10-20 years before fading. The speed at which fiberglass windows fade depends on the climate and weather conditions. As well as on the color and quality of the paint or gel coating.

No matter what kind of finish you want your black fiberglass windows to have, it is important to make sure that it is of the best quality. Builders know this. The easiest way you can spot low quality paint or gel coat finishes, is by closely examining different ready-made products and samples. If there are some small defects like bumps, air pockets, rough textures, or uneven color saturation, it is most likely that it is low quality paint. Poor machining work can also be a factor. If not, you are probably looking at good quality paint and or gel coating finishes.

But, it is also important to inspect several products. If the finishes look good and without defects on all or most of the products, there is good quality control. If this is the case, you can expect to get about the same level of quality on your order. But, if all the products you examine show drastically different results, you are in for a risk if you order. This is because you would not know what kind of quality you would get.

If you want black fiberglass windows that will not fade as quickly as painted ones, it is best to go for gel coated ones. To tell the difference, visually, between painted and gel coated charcoal colored fiberglass windows, all you need to do is to take a good look at your options. Gel coated fiberglass windows should have an easy to point-out shine or glossy look. While painted black window frames will look more matt and plane.



Fiberglass is a good material for windows if made properly. Fiberglass on its own is not a very sable product as it is not very resistant to UV light.

Which type of window is best for my home?

The best type of windows for any home are casement windows. Casement windows come in 2 types, with in-swing and out-swing sashes. Both have their pros and cons, but it is for you to choose. It is also important to find them with high quality materials at a good price and with optimized glazing. As for the material, vinyl would be a good choice as it is more reliable.

Good windows should be durable, efficient, and with optimize glazing for your climate and high effectiveness. They should also be able to increase the value to your house, increase your comfort, and suit your budget. Some builders know this, but few homeowners really look for all these things. What ever the type, the larger the better. Large windows such as 6’ by 4’ and bigger increase the value of the house, decreases the time for selling, have a faster return on investment, and are generally more comfortable.

Vinyl casement windows have proven to be the best type of windows. They are relatively easy to use and are the most reliable window type. The best of these windows are double-action European in-wing ones. These are very easy to use, open very quickly, and have superior performance. They also look great with cabinets.



When choosing the type of windows, it should be always under the influence of your opinion. Good windows should be durable, with optimize glazing for your climate.



If debating whether to buy vinyl or fiberglass windows, it is important to consider the quality of each of the options. If you find good quality fiberglass windows with a good glazing, they can be a good option.

Black Window Shutters

Black windows shutters are usually used for 2 reasons. Either to protect from intruders or for style, or for both in some cases. These are attached to the outside on the windows by the frames or directly to window sashes. Black sashes with this addition a great look for bedrooms and can serve a needed function too. Shutters have been used decades and as such prove to be a good option for bedrooms and farmhouse styles among others.

Shutters come in old and new variant. Usually, old shutters have an all manual operation while some new shutters are motorized.

Window Coverings and Window Treatments for Black Windows

Key parts of home design are window treatments and window coverings. There are many options of window coverings and window treatments online and in stores, so you can do a lot of design work. However, some styles call for specific choices. As such, it is important to choose window coverings and window treatments that designers may recommend for your style of choice.

What Color House Goes With Black Windows?

Black windows are a universal option, meaning that the fit any kind of style. However, what tends to look best are warm or cold colored houses with black windows and black window trims. By matching the color tone or contrasting it with black windows, you can create a bold impression. Typically, if a house has black windows it looks more modern and elegant.

Black is a neutral option. It looks good when it is used in a tone matching scene as well as in a contrasting one. With black windows, you get the same picture. By using them with warm or cold colored house color tones, you can create different looks. However, what tends to look best is when black windows are large and used in dark colored house with exterior lighting or in light colored houses in long and narrow form factors. A sure way to make sure that your house goes with black windows well is to have matching black components or accents. These can be features like black garage doors, entrance doors, patio doors, black fencing, or black colored lights. All with or without grilles.

Screens For The Black Windows

Window screens are very good for many things. One of which, is keeping insects out. With windows without screens, insects can enter if the window is open. Whether it be flying insects or crawling insects, it is not nice. As such, using a screen to keep the insects out is a good idea. For European windows, European screens work great.

Hidden Hinges For The Black Windows

With our black operable windows, you have the option of hidden hinges for the sashes. Sashes that can open have visible hinges on the outside (if they are European style). However, with the hidden hinge option for our sashes, this is no longer an issue. With a window section with multiple sashes, however, the hidden hinge option can only be assigned to the outer most sashes.

How to Paint Windows Black

Painting vinyl windows black is not a long prosses. Step 1 would be to prepare the surface by cleaning it. Step 2 is to apply a primer for vinyl. Step 3 would be just to paint the windows with black UPVC paint using a brush or spray gun. Now, it is best to wait for 24 – 48 hours or until the paint is fully dry.

Step 1. Surface preparation. This is the most important step. To get a great result, you want your surface properly prepared. Many might thing to just add a primer, but this is not the case. Having bad surface preparation will cause bad paint to vinyl adhesion. This bad adhesion leads to faster fading. As such, to have good adhesion, you need to do this first step (preparation) carefully and with good materials. Using a cloth with soapy water to clean the surface before adding primer would the best idea.

Cleaning with soap and water would be how you would remove the dirt. Then, it is best to use a little bit of thinner or a solvent on a cloth to wipe down the frames and get rid of any last oil traces. This not only ensures best results but it is also a great way make sure that the paint stays on for much longer.

The next step to paint UPVC windows black is to apply on 1 – 3 coats of primer. 2 coats of a high quality upvc primer would be the ideal choice for vinyl windows. Although preparing the surface with primer may take some time, this step is vital and without it, painting vinyl windows black is not worth it as the result would be subpar.

Painting vinyl. For painting vinyl windows black, it is important to choose the right paint. A good quality UPVC paint is the best option for painting vinyl windows black. It will not only ensure better results but help the paint stay on longer. You can paint the windows with a brush or use a spray system of your choice. If you are not sure of how to paint, you can look up video tutorials or just hire contractors like painters to do it for you.

After painting UPVC window frames is complete, the recommendations from many is to wait 24 – 48 hours for the paint to dry. By waiting patiently, you are decreasing any risks of the coating getting damaged.

If you want to paint window sashes or shutters, the steps are the same. However, if painting the latter, you would want to pay more attention to steps 1 and 2 as your shutters may have a lot grooves or details in them. As for the sashes, you mainly want to watch out for the glass pains as to not paint on them. This is why for painting vinyl sashes; the glass panes are lined with masking tape.

Another way you can paint windows black is buy hiring a painter or painters. Although painting upvc windows black with this method is more expensive then painting vinyl windows yourself, you do save on time and energy.

In conclusion, if you want to paint your windows black, it is best to use a combination of diligent prep work, high quality UVPC primer, and premium paint for vinyl. You could also get a painter or painters for painting your vinyl windows black, but this is more expensive.

What color blinds with black windows

Black windows go well with many different colors. However, they tend to look best with black blinds. Black roller and custom Roman shades work well too. They provide a seamless transition between the frame and blinds. However, when the blinds are down, the black may be overpowering which is why white blinds or shades are a good choice too.

Black is quite a versatile color and can match almost any style. So, with black windows, you get a very similar situation. When choosing blinds for black windows, any color choice is good. Provided that it is suitable with your interior style. For a more modern look, more neutral blind or shade colors such as white, black, navy, gray, and beige tend to be best.

As for the type of blinds or shades, custom Roller, Roman, European, or Black-out ones are one of the to be the best options. Roller and roman shades provide you with great coverage and good performance. These are like your normal blinds or shades. Roller style blinds are especially prayed because they give you good control of the sunlight. European shades are installed very close to the glass so that it sits flush against it. It is an interesting style and has the bonus of not covering up the jamb when it is down.

These types of window shades or blinds are great for charcoal colored European windows, especially for black European windows. Black out shades or full black out roller blinds are another option. Like the name suggests, they cover up the window very well allowing essentially no sunlight to come in through it. This can be great for home theatres and potentially in night-shift workers’ rooms. However, for everyday normal use, they may not be a good option.

Sunscreen blinds are another option. Although not quite blinds, sunscreens accomplish a similar goal. Sunscreens may be right for you if you are looking for another alternative.

Some kind of blinds have cloth/fabric. Cloth and fabric are common for some kinds of blinds or even sunscreens. Blackout blinds made with cloth or fabric usually use thicker cloth or fabric. Sherwin Williams and Phifer are some of the makers of these fabrics/cloths for cloth/fabric blinds. Sherwin Williams and Phifer are popular for this.

Do bronze windows look black?

Depending on the shade of bronze and the lighting, bronze windows can look black. More, specifically, bronze windows can look like black with a green, brown, or golden tint, depending of the type. This can be used to create a special look if you pair different black ascents with the bronze windows.

Bronze windows look more like green tinted black rather than solid black window frames. There are two shades of bronze, golden-like and dark (old bronze). Like the names might suggest, golden-like bronze has a golden tint while dark or old bronze has a darker greenish tint. The latter can really look black giving the first impression of black window frames rather than bronze window frames at first glance. However, those with a more color sensitive eye can easily spot that it is a dark bronze rather than black. With golden like bronze, it is a much lighter color.

These are defiantly not black and do not look like black windows. However, they do look good with black accents in the interior and or color-matched window trims on the exterior. If used properly and with the right style, bronze windows look unique, modern, and very attractive. But, if they are always in the shadow, they can just look like black windows. That is not a bad thing, far from it, but if you are looking for bronze windows that will always look bronze, shade is something to consider.

Are Black Windows Black on the Inside?

Black windows can be ordered either black on the inside, white or any other of our 60+ colors. Black windows that are black on the inside are one of the best choices for a new build or modern renovation project. It can look contemporary and expensive in the interior.

Our windows are not painted. Instead of that, we use a vinyl foil system. This eliminates the problem of fading but rather keeps the color on for many years longer. This prolongs the new look for longer even if it already not new. We have several of both warm and cold black color options. If you are looking for a visually expensive black wood windows, we have that too. But, instead of charging 4 figures for real black wood, we have a vinyl color options that can make it look like real black wood.

Black windows can be ordered with any of your 60+ colors to be on the inside. By standard the inside of black window frames is white. To change the color on the inside to any other color (or real wood colors) for only about 10% more.

Black Vinyl Window Manufacturers         

Black windows are very sensitive to the sun and thus require specialized manufactures to design products that will be reliable and functional. Many well-known window manufactures make black windows but they are not always reliable for larger projects.

Buying directly from a window manufacture can be a great way to save money. If you find the right manufacture or manufactures you will enjoy more durable, stylish, comfortable, and functional black windows. Good manufactures should have lots of experience, deeply understand the reasonable limitations and general performance properties of black windows, use wide steel core framing (for better durability), and use applicable glass units that will be optimal for the black window frames used in your project. Manufactures should also have a lot of experience, preferably over a decade.

However, with window manufactures, the most important characteristic they should have is deep understanding and knowledge of black windows. With it manufactures should be able to reason smartly and not make decisions for black windows that they can’t handle.

Andersen and Marvin are very large window companies and are among of the big window manufactures. Andersen is most likely the biggest company in north America. Andersen has many factories and contractors there as it is a manufacture among many other manufactures. Andersen also has a lot of well managed dealers. Andersen manufactures make vinyl, wood, and other types of products with different hardware. Them and Marvin has many reviews from their workers. You can read these Andersen reviews on indeed and glass door. Their and Marvin dealers also provide an installation service. Andersen has many capable contract workers like installers for the installation.

They are over a decade old and is among many manufactures in the field like Marvin. In terms of style, there products are considered inspirational by some and they have some personalization features for inspiration to homeowners. Their personalization options allow exteriors and other aspects to look good. The hardware works both before and after installation.

Their products are delivered on palettes like many windows from supplies or manufactures. The palettes are planned to arrive without defects on the exteriors and with all the personalization options in check. Contactors for installation like a crew can be hired beforehand or after the windows arrive.

Our products are also delivered on palettes. Palettes are simple in that they get delivered and customers can just unbox them in a way.

The Green Future of Black Vinyl Windows

The main eco-friendly advantage vinyl windows have is their ability to be easily recycled. They also do not biodegrade like wood which produces carbon in the prosses of degrading. As such when you choose vinyl windows, you can be sure that they are an eco-friendly option when compared to other materials.

Aluminum windows and steel core tubing, that we use in our vinyl windows, is also fully recyclable. So, you can feel guilt free when choosing our windows.

Black vinyl windows recycle just as well as white vinyl windows. Although some may say black vinyl frames are harder to recycle, if there is a difference, its very small. In fact, because black frames are recycles along with white ones, you often see recycled upvc in a grey color.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency in windows is a feature many good windows have. With energy efficiency you will be saving money on heating bills and as such, in the prosses, achieve a lower carbon footprint. House heating is not the most eco-friendly and as such, needing it less, due to the use of energy efficient windows, allows you to lower your carbon footprint and better the environment.

Manufacturing and Sustainability

A big issue with wooden windows is that they only use old trees (100+ years). This means that trees for wooden windows are not grown and harvested in sustainable tree planting grounds. As such, it only promotes the act of cutting down naturally formed forests. As such, it is not a very green choice.

With Fiberglas windows and fiberglass reinforced vinyl windows, there are 3 main problems. One is that fiberglass, when mechanically handled (cut, drilled, etc.), produces harmful dust that is cancerous. So, it is not very safe for workers there. Another big problem is that fiberglass windows and fiberglass reinforced vinyl windows, are 100% unrecyclable. The third big issue is that fiberglass does not degrade. Unlike wood which can degrade, and overtime become a part of soil, fiberglass stays in its rigid shape and form. It can be broken into pieces but it can never bio-degrade.

Longer Use

Our European windows with black frames last longer than American windows due to the use of steel core tubing. As such, with our windows, you have less need to by new windows later. As a result, you achieve a lower carbon footprint.

Our European windows also allows for longer satisfaction. This is due to the automatic locking technology that allows for tighter seals. This system is especially important for black windows because the frames heat up more and thus expanding more. As such, it requires betting sealing technology to prevent mechanical problems.

Achieving the Style with a Multitude of Options

Right now white windows remain to be the most popular option. But black window frames are gaining more and more recognition every year. They add definition and style to a building façade. The bold contrast can capture attention to attractive features of the project. Modern look of black window frames goes well with many elements of décor. They include window grills, curtains, different styles of blinds, etc.

Homeowners have many options when choosing the look of their window frames. They can select vinyl windows with complimentary frame color. UPVC products are durable, maintenance-free, and energy efficient.
Lamination of PVC Window and Door Profiles

Black UPVC windows can be laminated in a wide range of colors or foil designs. Often, people choose one color for the outside and another for the inside.

There is a remarkably wide variety of colors to choose from.
Finishes include:
· Smooth, modern color spectrum
· Natural wood grain finishes
· Modern metallic finishes
Windows with authentic wooden-look finish are ideal for many projects. They look great in colonial style houses or heritage buildings. Colored frames add that old-world glamour, combining it with modern technology. Window frames laminated with a metallic-look finish create an urban style. But they do not require as much maintenance as aluminum frame windows do.

Acryl-Color Windows

Colored foils for uPVC windows create of a unique exterior façade. GL Advanced Windows offers more than 40 color options. Also, there are over 20 options that resemble natural wood.

If people search for a long service life of the frames, we offer Acryl-Color option. It is a color finish durability is a key asset that allows the frame to not fade with time. There is a big difference between décor foil and Acryl-Color frames. Acryl-Color consists of frame profile co-extruded with acrylic glass coverage. This combination provides long-term service of many many decades.

The price for Acryl-Color windows is higher than regular white windows or décor foil color products. But they will preserve its ‘like new’ look for over 100 years. 

Cutting Edge Energy Efficiency and Insulation

PVC triple pane windows and entrance and patio doors, with and without grilles, provide great protection from weather extremes. They offer superior thermal insulation for year-round comfort. These superior features make them a desirable option in different climate zones. The interior of the building remains warm and dry in the colder seasons. It stays cool in the warmer months, preventing greenhouse effect.

A lot of heat is lost through poorly-insulated single glazed windows. Option of uPVC double pane glazing gives another layer of thermal protection. But double pane uPVC windows are not good enough in many cases. That is why we decided to offer only triple pane (3 glass panes in glazing) products with and without grilles. Additional level of insulation prevents excessive heat loss. Consequently, it reduces heating bills.

Tilt turn windows offer improved acoustic insulation. It cuts out external noise. This benefit add to the quality of life with a healthy atmosphere.
Black window frames make the house look more modern, increasing its value. If people want to find replacement windows, black casement windows is a good option. Designers can select dark window frames and the neutral color palette exterior finish of the building. Then they could take advantage of the high contrast colors.

Homeowners can install quality windows for a customer-friendly price. Wood grain finish would add a nice touch to the appearance of the products. They could enjoy the look of wood windows while benefiting from PVC properties. Switching from regular white to black frame will refresh a look of the building. It is useful when one is thinking about renovating a home. In such case, window replacing costs would be higher than if a person bought regular white windows. But for many improved design is worth it.

Black interior windows can create a desired atmosphere in the rooms. Window color can play an important role when it comes to home interior design. Black exterior part of the frame can be combined with white interior one. Or there could be any other color of homeowner’s personal preference. This choice can help the customer to differentiate their house from other ones. It can help to gain advantage on the real estate market during the new construction stage. Tilt and turn windows, with and without grilles, such as black triple pane windows have many advantages. Key ones include easy operation, superior energy efficiency (insulation), and sound insulation. Window color would help to place accents in the home design.

Combination of black PVC windows and white walls is a bold, contemporary choice. It is gaining recognition in the market in the recent years. Designers who choose to follow this trend is considered to be statement makers. Selecting resembling natural wood windows can add to a luxurious look to the building. Yes, black window prices are higher than white ones, but the end result pays off in the long run. There are many ways how homeowners can improve the look of the building. Choosing black frame or just dark one for windows and doors can be one of them. We offer patio doors in black color as well, so the facade would look polished.

Black Window Black Window, Black Windows Frames as classic solution. At first, only bold designers were confident enough to use black frame windows. Emphasize on the actual window frame went against accepted convention. Yet with time it proved to be stylish and elegant. This controversial concept soon became a popular choice for many. Modern designers and architects recommend black vinyl windows more often. It is becoming a common trend in contemporary buildings.



Black Window as a classic solution. At first, only bold designers were confident enough to use black frame windows. Emphasize on the actual window frame went against accepted convention. Yet with time it proved to be stylish and elegant. This controversial concept soon became a popular choice for many builders. Modern designers and architects recommend black vinyl windows more often. It is becoming a common trend in contemporary buildings. 






Interesting Facts


Our premium windows have a steel reinforcement that is 1.6-2.8 times stronger than other tilt and turn windows and over 5 times when compared to regular windows in the market.


Our tilt and turn windows exceed the ENERGY STAR certification standard by 50-70% in terms of insulation which provides a superior energy efficiency.


With soundproof windows upgrade it is possible to reach a significant difference, decreasing noise level by 6-12 times, and up to 30 times in some cases.

Interesting Facts

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Our windows are manufactured in Europe

Since our windows are manufactured in Europe the lead time is ranges from 6 to 8 weeks. Order slightly earlier and you will be satisfied by savings, quality and durability.
Our top priority is the quality of our products so we use thicker glass and steel reinforced frame for long term durability which makes our windows 20-30% heaver then regular windows.


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