About us – GALERY

GL Advanced Windows provides premium quality, cost beneficial German/European style windows and doors.

We provide tilt and turn windows, as well as external doors. Our products are designed by German specialists with attention to structural strength, long term usage, and aesthetic looks. We offer glass wall systems with safe tempered glazing up to 9 x 7’ or 7 x 9’ area (post-less). Our tilt-and-turn windows open up to 55” wide. Our prices focus on ensuring customer’s satisfaction.

GL Advanced Windows offers a wide variety of colours (60+ options) for your windows, as well as unique option – acryl glass-covered frames (20 colors).

The company has been present in the Canadian market for over five years and has been providing quality products to our customers. We supply windows and doors for projects of any size and offer a high degree of customization and we can supply up to 100 windows per day…

Our products feature triple glazing with effective Low Emission glass, filled with Argon, three levels of gaskets, steel reinforcement, sealing of the highest quality. All of these characteristics ensure thermal and sound insulation. Our windows are operated in a senior-friendly way. We have a very low threshold option (3/4”) that provides an easy entrance that can be more convenient for older people to use.