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 European front doors designs are made to increase durability, reliability and outer appearance of the European entry doors and GL Advanced Windows provides exactly that in the USA and Canada.

Entry Doors

European Style Entry Doors – European Front Doors Designs

Discerning home-owners are embellishing contemporary homes with the essence of European
culture by choosing European style entry doors.
The front entry to any home can become a grand statement when the right entrance door is
added. Building designers cannot go wrong when incorporating the sleek, elegant craftsmanship
offered by European design entry doors. There is an impressive range of shapes, sizes and styles
to choose from so every possible taste can be catered to.
With the choice of a European flavored exterior door, any building is able to project an enviable
sophistication. Coupled with the application of striking colors and timeless design features, the
building entrance can capture the imagination.

Turn Heads with a World of Style Choices

The front entry to a home or building displays the owner’s design taste. A building’s exterior doors make a statement about who is on the other side of that front façade. It could be proud and bold or it could be subtle, intuitive or artistic.

The owner’s choice is personal, it reveals a tantalizing clue to the nature of the person who holds the key. Flamboyant people may indulge their emotions with bold shapes and colors and adventurous designs while more discreet individuals can opt for something charmingly artistic and positively chic.

In today’s modern world of architecture, designers have an almost infinite range to choose from when selecting the perfect front entry door for a building. Almost every door will be singularly unique because of the myriad of styles, proportions, textures and colors that can be incorporated into the design of a new front door.

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Doors influenced by European tradition can express anything from that minimalistic edge right through to highly ornate, fancy designs. They can be made of solid timber or be transparent with a wealth of glazing possibilities. There are bold black metal French entry doors to choose from. There are copper entry doors and there are European heritage wrought iron doors all of which can be complemented with decorative glass panels and sidelights.

Home-owners can choose from single doors or double entry doors, paneled solid timber or glazed with tinted glass or even stained glass and leadlight. For that ultra-modern panache, the owner can express their artistic personality with a sleek pivot door exquisitely finished with contemporary Euro door furniture.

Not only new buildings, but an existing home can be transformed by adding an entry door that captures classic European tradition. Designs taken from the rich history of European culture confer a long-lasting, timeless quality to any door. Even smaller homes can make an impact with a grand entrance. Commercial buildings can also aspire to the visual appeal of a stunning European style entrance.

Entry door styles include vintage wooden door designs through to modern aluminum doors for today’s housing market. The latest trends can offer modern door solutions while still retaining the romance of old-world Euro glamour.

The architecture of a modern building can be inspired by echoes of the Mediterranean from a bygone era by featuring a European style front entrance. The designer can couple a decorative wood door-frame with a teak timber door enhanced with heavily carved features or perhaps with more subtle, finer details.

A stunning exterior door needs to not only complement a building’s design aesthetic but also to provide impact and turn heads. An entry door can be custom designed with influences from Europe’s rich cultural heritage to produce its own unique style. A tall, slim design might capture that special Mediterranean appeal while melding perfectly with the building’s own unique geometry.

With European style entry doors, arched entrances can provide an impact not achievable with modern, western-style design. The use of double entry doors, both solid and glazed, is also typical of the culture. A double entry with over-sized or tall doors can lend a bold grandeur to the façade. Glass paneled French doors have always been a favorite as exterior doors because they always evoke the essence of Euro chic.

The use of a multitude of traditional materials and textures confers a sense of European culture in the entry doors. Entrances that most complement the architecture of any building are those that either reflect or contrast the building’s materials. The entry doors can even provide a startling contrast with the architecture and texture of a home while at the same time achieving a pleasing overall impression that works well.

The Influence of Glazing and Other Design Features

It is not only the door-frame and the composition of the door that generates the wide variety of flavors of a European heritage, but it is also the door’s glazing characteristics.

The doors themselves can include glazed panes of surprising intricacy and variety. A designer can individualize an entrance by selecting an entry door with one to several panes of glass or a doorway with a single sidelight or two sidelights, one each side. A traditional design can even feature a transom window with panes of glass soaring above the door or above the double doors.

Decorative glass for Euro style entry doors can include any of the following options:-

  • Beveled glass
  • Clear glass
  • Colored glass
  • Stained glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Laminated safety glass
  • Double glazed

Along with a rich tapestry of design details, earthy materials and intricate glazing options, the use of vibrant colors for doors can invoke a strong sense of Mediterranean heritage. Consider the application of pastel blues, terra cotta tones, tangerine and vivid yellow. These visceral colors inevitably conjure the vision of a majestic Italian villa overlooking a twinkling blue Mediterranean ocean.

The most successful décor is not always confined to architectural perfection in proportion and styling. Designers can borrow from Europe’s rich history by capturing the old-world, rustic appeal of the care-worn entry door. A vision of Tuscany is evoked by the imperfection of a worn-looking wooden door with washed-out, uneven paintwork and a rustic door handle. It speaks of centuries of wear and service, a history all of its own, providing a romantic appeal.

Luxury designs can offer enhanced security features like steel reinforced doors crafted to prevent break-ins. The home-owner enjoys greater protection and peace of mind. Technical advancements have transformed the energy efficiencies offered by European style doors. They are made with superior acoustic and thermal insulating properties, ensuring reduced heat and sound transfer for the comfort of the occupant.

Not Just Good Looks

Some might argue that stylish doors boasting intricate design features may be too expensive for new home-owners but quality never goes out of style. Those with the foresight to invest in quality architectural pieces for their property know that they will be rewarded with value for money.

Even if the front entry door is their only indulgence in their home, the home-owner can consider it money well spent. With all of the best functional elements and superior security features that Euro-style doors can offer, their entrance becomes more about its advantages than just being a grand welcome.

Typical European design entry door options can offer:-

  • Innovative technology
  • Energy efficiency
  • High insulation values
  • Acoustic attenuation
  • Steel reinforcement
  • Laminated safety glass
  • Double glazed panes and sidelights
  • Multi-point locking
  • Elegant appearance
  • Durability
  • Upgraded security features

Old-World Grandeur

Selecting European style entry doors is a valid way to achieve the desired ambiance of homes that are modeled after old-world traditions and character. Features like curved carvings in the timber of the doors and subtle patterns from raised details add to the desired impression and should blend perfectly with the architecture. Decorative glazing and dainty details can inspire an elegant European persona for any building.

Imposing double entry doors announce their presence while imbuing a sense of order and symmetry that can complement the geometry of the building that owns them. Homes can achieve stateliness through their grand scale. Stately homes rely on architectural elements like impressive front entry doors to showcase the aesthetics of the building’s design. The materials of the front entrance must work with exterior features like formal staircases and meticulous Euro style paving to convey the desired old-world grandeur.

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