Picture/Fixed windows

Picture or fixed windows are considered to be the most popular type of windows.

Picture windows is a  window that does not have the hardware that is required for opening and closing of the window. It consists of insulation unit being firmly fixed into the window frame.

Picture windows have many advantages, such as:

  • The price of such windows is much lower than of other types of windows since it does not contain expensive hardware which affects the end price of the product
  • The possibility of air leakage is much lower than of the opening windows due to its fixed static nature and absence of activities that involve opening and closing
  • Picture windows are useful for creating comfort in the household as it allows the homeowners to use the space on the window sill and not worry about having access to the handle that opening windows have

Though fixed windows have disadvantages such as inability to be used for air exchange and difficulties cleaning it from the outside, they can be compensated by having opening windows not far away.

It can be concluded that the optimal option for residential and commercial buildings would be installing windows that combine fixed and opening sections in the same product. If a building is intended to have many smaller windows, the best solution would be to have some picture windows and some opening windows placed and possibly alternated.

Picture windows are installed in gyms, cafes, restaurants, hotel halls, office buildings and many other places. Fixed windows require little maintenance, are easy to clean, and serve for a very long time. Homeowners use picture windows for patios and terraces because they let a lot of natural lightning in but don’t need to be opened.

Consulting with a specialists to find an optimal combination of picture windows, opening windows, and windows that incorporate both sections can be very beneficial as it can help to find what is right for your house or building. In many cases specialists recommend to install fixed windows, especially if the homeowner wants to have windows of a large size.