Passive House

The term passive house is a reference to a rigorous standard for energy efficiency in buildings and many other architectural structures. This standard first originated in Germany in the year 1988 and is now a relevant term across many countries worldwide.

We are members of iPHA (International Passive House Association) and have access to all databases and multi-level expertise for the Passive House projects.

For the Passive house projects we are offering from unique over 2” thick Quadruple-pane effective Low Emissive glass units for windows with 0.12 U-value, to cost and energy efficient solutions for less exclusive projects. we serve our clients to optimize their investment with maximum return and low-risk policy. We appreciate our customers and take keep their interests as a priority, specializing in providing a budget-friendly solutions.

Passive House buildings allow 90% savings in heating and cooling with typical building stock and over 70% compared to average new builds.

There are three main requirements that a building has to meet in order to be eligible for the Passive Houses, along with several wise recommendations that would benefit the project overall.

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PHIUS Performance Requirement are as follows:

Passive House needs to follow the requirements below in North America:

  • Residential Source Energy: ≤ (# of bedrooms +1) * (6200 kWh)/yr (kWh/person/yr)
  • Non Residential ≤ 119 kWh/m2/yr ( ≤38 kBTU/sqft iCFA/yr)
  • Air infiltration (single family) ≤: 0.92 m3/m2*hour ( ≤ 0.050 CFM/ sqft) of gross enclosure area at 50 Pa.
  • Multifamily Airtightness: ≤ 1.46 m3/m2*hour  (≤0.080 CFM/sqft) of gross enclosure area at 50 Pa.
  • Annual Heating Demand (climate specific): ≤ 3.1-37.6 kWh/m2/yr

(≤1.0-12.0 kBTU/sqft/iCFA/yr )

  • Annual Cooling Demand (climate specific): ≤: 3.1-67.1 kWh/m2/yr

(≤1.0-21.4 kBTU/sqft/iCFA/yr)  

  • Peak Heating Demand (climate specific): ≤: 2.5-16.9 kWh/m2/yr

(≤0.8-5.4 kBTU/sqft/iCFA/yr)

  • Peak Cooling Demand (climate specific): ≤:5.6-27.9 kWh/m2/yr

(≤1.8-8.9 kBTU/sqft/iCFA/yr)

  • Ventilation: 0.30 ACH minimum