The doors that GL Advanced Windows offers have a great heat insulation and sound proofing properties as well as strength and reliability of its structure.  We use four point German locks that provide great security and safety to the homeowners. We provide a great variety of options for the European doors in terms of different colours and combination of glass and solid parts to satisfy customer’s needs and preferences.

Plastic doors with metal frames and parts hold a strong position in the private home building market. There have numerous advantages:

  • High durability
  • Great soundproofing and insulation systems
  • A variety of options to choose from in terms of appearance
  • Option to add clear plastic sections to the door that would allow the natural lighting inside the house
  • Low inflammability
  • High resistance to acids, alkali, and bleaches
  • Little maintenance required
  • Pleasant outdoor appearance that stays unchanged even after going through rough weather conditions and temperature changes

The entrance door consists of several construction elements. It has the profile itself and steel reinforcement, insulation and soundproofing materials that are placed inside the door, hardware and locks.

As it was mentioned before, the homeowner can chose a different combinations of glass and profile sections according to his taste and need. One of the most popular options is to turn the top part of the door into another source of letting the natural lighting in, using a insulation glass unit as a part of the door and have the bottom part made of solid plastic part.

German doors are becoming popular in the North American market because it is well known that building standards in Germany are very high and meeting official requirements guarantees high quality and long term durability.